Our Mission

Our mission here at al-Mustaqeem Publications is to pinpoint and elucidate all aspects of the human experience, both in history as well as everything that is affecting us in todays time from a sunni/salafi backdrop and to articulate a part of the sunni/salafi voice regarding global and societal issues while remaining dedicated to the salafi methodology and how it perceives these issues and the necessary avenues of reform for the betterment of the Muslims. Once this is accomplished, then we will by default be a gage to eventually better off the society at large since the affair of this world will not correct itself until we correct ourselves as an ummah first. We believe that the initiation of this effort first starts off with providing the most accurate and informative information possible to our readers to instill reflection and contemplation over the essence of the Sunnah of Allah in His Wisdoms found in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah as revealed to the Messenger alayhi salatu salam.  

We also believe that offering this information must be accompanied with the principles of at-tasfiyyah and at-tarbiyyah as explained by Imaam al-Albaani rahmatullahi alayh because what good is the dissemination of useful information if our own personal theories are not congruent with the orthodox methodology of ahlu-sunnah wal-jama’ah. The underlying proof for this is just as Imaam Maalik stated that “Nothing will rectify the later part of this ummah except with what rectified the first part of this ummah“. 

So we call to the good and we forbid from evil and harm in what Allah and His Messenger deemed to be good and evil, and we do so in the best manner and the best way we see fit depending on the circumstance and individual and to the best of our ability. In light of this, we do not gravitate to pesky partisan polemics if there is no inherent benefit for the Muslims. We sincerely hope that the Muslims and non-Muslims find benefit in our site and its various sectors of analysis and polemic.