Terrorism, Jihad, and Modern Geo-Politics in Islam

  In today’s world, understanding the topic known as “Jihad in Islam” becomes an unprecedented feat in the quagmire of social upheaval within the Muslim world directly related to U.S. foreign policy as well as Israel’s foreign policy. To add … Continue reading


The Current Geo-Political Paradigm, Uni-Polarism Vs Multi-Polarism, The Muslim Condition, and A More Viable Solution Based on the Prophetic Guidance to Social Reform

Source: Multaqa Ahlul-Hadeeth Author and Compiler: Ali Boriqee Produced by al-Mustaqeem Publications Is Egypt Free: The Question of Egypt in the Aftermath of Revolution It was asked: I am interested to see how the new President handles the situation there? … Continue reading

Madinah Educational Institute

Asalamu Alaykum

We are happy to announce the launching of a new online institute for Islamic studies titled Madinah Educational Institute with our shaykh Jalal Abualrub being the head Chancellor of the institute.

The institute will be offering detailed extensive courses on both classical and modern courses on various subjects.

You can find all the information available at the MEI website

Process of Appeal in Shariah Courts

We are pleased to disseminate the first study of our juristic studies project by Professor Shaykh Saalih ibn Sulaiman bin Muhammad al-Yusif. The work is titled “An Ijtihaad May Not be Revoked by Another Ijtihaad

We encourage everyone of our readers to download and review the researched involved and the intricacies of knowledge that the shaykh has put in this mere 48 page study. In American or western law, this issue is known as the process of appeal.


Source PDF: An Ijtihaad may not be Revoked by Another Ijtihaad An Applied Study

Salvage Shariah Project: The Redistribution of Shariah Rulings from Hanbali Jurists in Saudi Arabia

We previously alluded our readers to a post which can be located here Al-Adl: A Saudi Jurisprudential Information Gateway. However all of the information provided for by the Saudi governments website was lost when the site is now no longer available on the net. It contained extremely beneficial knowledge which was researched and elucidated by not only scholars, but jurists in the Saudi courts. I do remember that there was a decree issued by the King a couple months back with regards to websites which deal with issuing verdicts (fataawa). However when this news went around, I went on a campaign to first download everything that this Saudi jurisprudential website was offering. I was able to download every single pdf work they provided and thus I salvaged the information there and due to the site being offline, we will distribute each work in this “Salvage Shariah Project”. So we will retain this title and then label each post with the subject heading of each fiqh/shariah ruling or usoolul-fiqh matter that was researched by this group of scholars in the Kingdom.

The most intriguing aspect of all of this is that the information is all available in English.

so I will Start by providing introduction based material first to outline the “Salvage Shariah Project” series for the benefit of our readers.

Objectives of al-Adl

From the Editor of al-Adl

From the Minister of Justice

The above sources are PDF files one can view or download.


A Response to Yasir Qadhi’s Explanation of the Concept of Istihlaal Being Concocted by Modern Salafi Thinkers reply to yasir prototype Introduction The Above is a reply to a lecture that Yasir Qashi gave in a seminar. The title of the talk was called “The reception of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Fatwa Amongst Modern Salafi Thinkers” 1.       The … Continue reading


CFR Investigation Series: Islam-Governing Under Shariah

One of the endeavors that we here at al-Mustaqeem Publications are offering to the Muslim community at large, and in particularly to the traditionalist Muslims are introspection’s into academic based global media coverage and interpretations of events on the ground as espoused by Non Muslim institutions. Not only does this dynamic create a unique aspect to interpreting Non Muslim observations and analytical studies, we offer our response from within the perspective of the traditionalist orthodox Muslim perspective, a dynamic that is basically absent in the modern day media outlets. Institutions are unwilling to allow the Muslim perspective into the media spectrum it fosters to its respective populace due to the secularist or revisionist cause it is aiming to achieve. Likewise, those sites and forums which do advocate the traditionalist viewpoint are not exchanging the dialogue to the western world at large for various reasons which go beyond the scope of this introduction. Continue reading


On Schacht’s Theory Regarding Shafi’ee and the Role of Hadeeth in Islamic law: Repelling Revisionist Misundertsandings on Hadeeth and Maalik’s Legal Theory of Amaal Ahlul-Medina

Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Fundamentally, all of the groups of hadeeth rejectionism, from the progressives, modernist, and revisionist, are similarly united in their attempt to discredit hadeeth (the articulation of the sunnah in speech, action, or approval) as being the legal … Continue reading