The Official 9/11 Story of the Mainstream as the Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory of All Time

This is perhaps the most perfectly worded depiction of the established conspiracy theory as adopted by the mainstream public and the 9/11 Commission (should be read as “ommission”) report.

We did plan on releasing a simple audio in doing something just like this, however I would have to take off my hat to the celebrated independent journalist James Corbett for not only beating us to the punch, but who has surpassed what we had planned by providing video and articulating it in absolute satire.

As for those wondering why I utilized the label “conspiracy theory” for the mainstream, then it is precisely because a conspiracy is literally two people or more conspiring on a crime or plot. Thus the crime of 9/11 is ipso facto a conspiracy. However, there are about three main theories as to the application or “how” it was able, or I should say allowed, to be implemented. Nevertheless, there are some other strange theories. However, of all the theories provided by the peoples o the world ranging from various academics to political movements, the most absurd of all the theories just so happens to be the theory adopted by the mainstream media and as was articulated in the 9/11 COmmission report. I can’t even incorporate the average public because more than half of the populace believes that the official story is itself a farce of the greatest kind.

We have further studies to be released but they are not quite complete as I am extremely busy.

Enough with the talk. I urge everyone to take the next 4 and a half minutes and enjoy yourselves with the most forward depiction of the official story on 9/11


U.S. Foreign Policy: A Bi-Product of the Terror Industrial Complex

What is the “Terror Industrial Complex”? In order to understand this phrasal clause, one must go back to President Eisenhower’s farewell speech in the wake of the Kennedy victory for presidency. In his farewell speech, Eisenhower warned the American populace of a proxy government and its clandestine nature of what he termed as the “Military Industrial Complex”. After World War II, America underwent a hegemonic mindset for the world which basically requires that America be the supreme military might on the planet. While he goes on to aknowledge a type pf necessity for the Americans to have this power, he also warned them of the disastrous implications that this Military Industrial Complex can do to circumvent the essence of the American experience. In order to fully grasp his speech, one can review this simple 2 and a half minute video. Continue reading


CFR Investigation Series: Islam-Governing Under Shariah

One of the endeavors that we here at al-Mustaqeem Publications are offering to the Muslim community at large, and in particularly to the traditionalist Muslims are introspection’s into academic based global media coverage and interpretations of events on the ground as espoused by Non Muslim institutions. Not only does this dynamic create a unique aspect to interpreting Non Muslim observations and analytical studies, we offer our response from within the perspective of the traditionalist orthodox Muslim perspective, a dynamic that is basically absent in the modern day media outlets. Institutions are unwilling to allow the Muslim perspective into the media spectrum it fosters to its respective populace due to the secularist or revisionist cause it is aiming to achieve. Likewise, those sites and forums which do advocate the traditionalist viewpoint are not exchanging the dialogue to the western world at large for various reasons which go beyond the scope of this introduction. Continue reading