Site Shutdown

Salams to everyone, followers/readers. I, Ali Boriqee, have not been on this website for several years and while I had the content up for continual access for the community, I think it is nigh time to announce my other website I have been publishing on for the past few years and I simply failed to incentivize myself to re-route the audience to the new site until now. I will be deleting this site soon. I will try to revamp some of the content on this website with more professionally researched content, improved analysis, and more geopolitical content, and produce them on my other website. Some of the content on here need to be edited for information updates and improved academic integrity. This will be a long feat for myself as I am currently studying field of cybersecurity and all the sciences within it. Well, I’ve always been in the field, I have been increasing my focus in it for the past 2 years now.

Here is the website link