Hizbiyyah Within Salafi Circles

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

The work before you was produced by a colleague and friend of mine, Abu Aaliyah Abdullah bin Dwight Battle, an American student of knowledge and now, shaykh in ‘ilmul-Hadeeth and shariah

The work in question, titled Cult Characteristics Among “The Salafis” of the West is a psychological study on cult mindsets in general and within an Islamic context. This work is the first publication among a series of other publications targeted against the hizbi aspects to the Salafi constituency afflicted and tested (by Allah) with hizbiyyah. The work does not identify the group or set of individuals by name as its main focus is to target the precepts of hizbiyya (cultism)

I, Ali Boriqee, will however identify that it is targeted towards the hizbi ideological sect known as the haddadees. However since the haddadees do not view themselves as afflicted with haddadee ideology, it is more clear that it is basically the Madkhalis that the premise of this work is targeting since Madkhalis are the manifest group matching the exact cult characteristics this work is outlining to the reader. Hence organizational institutions like SPUBS, TROID, Salafitalk, and other hizbi offshoots of various websites like salafyink and others, all belong to the vast Madkhali cult that this work is trying to guide its blind muqalids out of the cultism (hizbiyyah) that these institutions have committed in spreading hizbiyyah and have betrayed the amaanah of Allah and the deen and have engrained in its blind followers.

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