Intensive Hadith Session/Online Seminar June 21st-22nd With Abu Khalil



In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent

This is an announcement regarding teaching the Arabic text I compiled, the translation of the title being:

“Booklet on the Hadith of Abu Hurayrah Regarding the Virtue of Salah in Congregation over that perfromed Alone.”

I have taught the text, containing fourteen hadiths, in St. Louis and Greensboro North Carolina. After those programs I realized that an intensive lesson on hadith studies is not for everyone. While we had previously arranged programs in a number of cities to teach it, after consulting with a number of brothers, it was agreed that it would be best to teach the text in an online seminar. I have attached a poster in image format, and a pdf file with all of the required details.

I am requesting all of those whom this reaches to spread this message and the attachments to whomever they can, as this on line session — June 21st and Jun 22nd — is likely to be the only time the text is taught. The book itself will not be published. All of the necessary details related to the seminar and registration are attached. And I ask Allah to bless you and reward you for your efforts and assistance in disseminating this information.

jazakum Allahu khaira
was-salamu `alaykum

Abu Khaliyl


I encourage everyone who can, to login on these dates and benefit from our Ustaadh, Abu Khaliyl. This opportunity is a rare gem offered to the people whereby classic orthodox Islam is being taught about the Sunnah, the way of the salaf. The best thing about this, is that it is made to your convenience, all online from the comfort of your own device and home.


Further information is in the following pdf below

Hadith Seminar information