Shaykh al-Albaani Blog: Insight Into an Extraordinary Personality

Asalamu alaykum Warahmatullah

I feel I have been derilect of duty in many things as with regards tp roducing content. One such feeling is specifically geared towards a lack of shedding light on a particular blog that I have known since its inception, yet failed to spread its information. That is a blog dedicated to the life, works, stances, and knowledge of Imaam al-Albaani rahmatullahi alayh

The site can be accessed here

This blessed website is an immense wealth of information into the English language concerning our Shaykh and his prolific style of argumentation, reasoning, and the art of bayaan (presentation). I never cease to be amazed by the shaykhs works and speeches towards different topics and his stances on them in an extremely academic manner and with class. This website is one of the most beneficial websites for the people of the Sunnah to be informed of the views and style that the Shaykh had even towards his detractors. 

Much needed is the amount of material that the shaykh al-Albaani blog was able to produce the content of the Shaykh on how we behave with those who differ with us on points of creed and our mannerisms in such issues.

We definitely reccommend our readers and everyone who is not familiar with this website, to familiarize yourself with it and its extremely beneficial content. Truly, one of the students of knowledge said it quite well when he described al-Albaani as

“a scholar who cannot be substituted”

So we urge once again to utilize as a source of information and learning and they can also be followed on twitter.