Terrorism, Jihad, and Modern Geo-Politics in Islam


In today’s world, understanding the topic known as “Jihad in Islam” becomes an unprecedented feat in the quagmire of social upheaval within the Muslim world directly related to U.S. foreign policy as well as Israel’s foreign policy. To add to the continued mysticism of the topic are uneducated and self professed experts and analysts of a newly contrived term “Islamism” as if Islam and this new word is supposed to have some kind of difference in meaning. The continued mystification then goes on to the information presented through tabloid journalism which then aids in the fomenting of Islamaphobia accompanied with slurs by its adherents (to islamaphobia) that it is not islamaphobia if they are trying to kill you, the “they” of course meaning Muslims. In any other age and time jihad was and will continue to be viewed in its correct light except in todays climate.


In light of the above circumstances that the Muslim communities, particularly here in the west, find themselves in is having to explain themselves out of the biases and misinformation that their ignorant fellow humans have conceived of them. In this attempt of mine, I will provide more than necessary information regarding the topic of Jihad in Islam in order to explain the jurisprudential nature of the topic to those willing to understand it or to at least make defunct the arguments of those intent on advocating the idea that jihad is somehow synonymous with terrorism.

We are pleased to introduce the following work to our audience as an ebook.

Ebook source: Terrorism, Jihad, and Modern Geo-Politics in Islam

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