How to Play Ram Files on iDevices


Asalamu Alaykum 

This will be good news for Students of knowledge and the generality of  Muslims who Im sure have quite a bit of content that are in .rm format which requires a Real Media player, or for anyone in general who actually does have these ancient files and does not have the time or desire to go through the painstaking task of converting their ram files into a modern file format like mp3 or what have you. 


Meet “GoodPlayer” which can be downloaded directly from the appstore for any idevice.

Here is a brief video showing how it can read the .rm file format

What was also mentioned in the video was not just one app that can play a real media file, but two, the second comes from a cydia application which is also available from the appstore, but this one from cydia has more features. 



Meet “Rushplayer+” which is available in the Cydia store for the same price as the Goodplayer app of 2.99. 

This was really helpful for me personally because i have tons of media files in the .rm format of lectures of various scholars on different subjects and it would have been a complete hassle to try and convert them all into mp3, which would have as well increased the size of the file since the cool thing about the ram files were that they were very concise (small in size). I’m sure many of you who do have .rm files and who as well have idevices will be glad to know of this if you have not found out already. 

We hope you find this information useful for playing your old media files whether on your ipod touch, iphone, or the ipad.