Official Open Admission of the American Media Regarding The Formation of al-Qaeda Being the Creation of the C.I.A.

It has become so blatantly obvious regarding the cozzy relationship that makes known the affair between the CIA and al-Qaeda that it is essentially a moot point. One of the newest tactics of al-Qaeda’s deception is to compartmentalize the existence of this khariji brigade that they have so we have new “affiliate” groups with different names which is time consuming to mention their names along with their acronyms.

The people of Allah in specific, and the innocent people in general are caught in the path between two creatures of Iblees.

On the one hand, we have the base Muslim populace among the more distinguished of being Muslims who are insolently identified as “Islamists” by the general public based on the corruption of information that is the mainstream narrative of the ruling establishment as advertised by the corporate media and backed ideologically by think tanks and the foundations that back them. So due to such a narrative, the Muslim who believes that they should practice Islam is targetted and viewed as strange (so peace to such that are the strangers). They are outcasted for not siding with the mainstream in deed and speech and are regarded as “potential” threats.

On the other hand, the Muslim is likewise targetted by the khariji intellegentsia within Muslim polemics on the topic of eman and kufr where they are constantly bombarded with the dry and distorted propaganda that if they side or help the enemies of Islam in any way, shape, or form, then they are munafiqeen, the enemies of Allah, and worth their blood being spilt. By no means do we downgrade the importance and necessity of al-wala wal-baraa, and if you doubt this, you can refer yourself here al-Walaa wal-Baraa Series: Sabeel an-Najaat wal-Fikaak to reassure yourself that we have no faulter in our aim and objective with regards to the orthodox sunni understanding of having alliance and alligence to the people of Allah and hatred, enmity, rejection, and opposition to the people of Iblees.

The purpose of this particular analysis is more of an exposure to what I would consider the single greatest social hypocrisy of the current world order. The America ruling establishment advocates the criminality of not deeming whom they deem as a threat to be a threat along with the khariji intelligentsia advocating the apostasy of whoever among the Muslims helps or aids the kuffar in any way, and at the end of the day as the reality speaks for itself on the ground, the two alleged “arch enmies” are wonderful sidekicks who actually NEED each other to further the continuance of the current terror paradigm because each has their own objective that becomes fulfilled when their false alliance is fulfilled. The khawaarij continue to be “looked up” upon and regarded as freedom fighters by the some of the Muslims (not all) and the Americans can continue to enforce and strengthen empire and continue to bomb the Muslim lands into the stone age because of their continued alliance with the khawaarij.

So it is our view that the advocates to the current “terror” paradigm that is based on the mainstream outlook are the greatest assets and advocates to terrorism in the world today and the khawaarij are the greatest renegades of Islam and munafiqeen of the ummah for fundamentally aiding the disbelievers against the Muslims. This is of course for the advocates to kharijism, we do not believe that the innocent and unaware of those who sign up for the enrollment of American imperial regime change via al-Qaeda or their affiliates fall into this ruling, this is reserved only from the kharijite intelligentsia.

We ask Allah that He grants the ummah a true baseerah (insight) to the Muslims and to see matters as they really are and to act on that registering of information in a way that makes sense with today’s reality. Based on this we would further urge the readers to review this The Current Geo-Political Paradigm, Uni-Polarism Vs Multi-Polarism, The Muslim Condition, and A More Viable Solution Based on the Prophetic Guidance to Social Reform for a detailed outlook in social reform in its most orthodox Prophetic sense bi idhnillah.

May Allah guide us to the Straight Path.