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Asalamu Alaykum

We are happy to promote the website of our brother, Abu Mus’ab Wajhi al-Akkari haafidhahullah, which can be found here

We encourage our audience to benefit from his website from all the freely available material from videos, audio lectures, and other resources available on his website. It is a shame on me personally for not having done a site review for his site when I first came across Abu Mus’ab over a year ago. 

One of my favorite videos of his is titled “Facebook can make you face hell” and he superbly detailed that subject. We have always been opposed to facebook from its inception and I only had an account with them for a little while and then deleted it. 

At any rate, the brother has extremely beneficial lectures on a wide range of topics, including the polemic against Sufis and has even commented on the extremist among ahlu-sunnah who fell into hizbiyyah. He has many other lectures geared towards our reform as it is greatly needed. We implore our audience to utilize this as a resource.

We would also like to mention that we were able to recruit Ustaadh Abu Mus’ab to be an instructor at Madinah Educational Institute (M.E.I.) . For more information you can go to, however our site is down for maintanance and will inshallah be set back up after Ramadhaan.

We ask Allah to bless Abu Mus’ab for being a benefit to the ummah and that he continues to be such and preserve him upon emaan, ameen

Asalamu alaykum