Modern American History 101: Wall Street and FDR

Part of our endeavor here at al-Mustaqeem Publications is to inform ourselves and by extension, everyone else, about established factual history. Apparently the need for this process comes as a result of the decrepit indoctrination camps that make up the modern American schooling system that is not designed to train its victims with the tools of logic and the ability of assessing information, it is more or less patterned upon producing a docile and submissive population to imperalists authority (the kaafir application of “taqlid”)

In order to understand American history in much more accurate details, one will have to go outside the stipulated framework of the established education system. When one acquires the knowledge and information as to the role of what oligarhical foundations have done in order to manipulate the education process, we will then realize why this is a necessary requisite to acquiring information outside of the established platform.

In light of the above fact, we here at al-Mustaqeem Publications pride ourselves to research and to provide information from credible source works to acquire such information.

When exploring the topic of modern American history, one of the major and leading references to acquire extensive and accurate details of this history lies at the doorstep of the famed Professor Anthony Sutton. Anthony Sutton was one of the few and leading intellectuals in academia who truly did not bend to the systematic processes of foundation funded education as this is contrary to objective analytical research in any field of study, history being no exception to the rule.


In this series of ours, we will hopefully inshaa’Allah explore many works and material to produced under the topic of this series concerning modern American history. We will definitely include the works of Anthony Sutton as he was a prolific author who dedicated several works on American history. 

Before you is a special account of American history, a part of history that truly shaped the origins of the modern American empire, corporatism (fascism), and the dictatorship that we find ourselves in now.

Wall Street and FDR by Anthony Sutton

We hope that you read this with a keen mind and benefit as part of your intellectual accumen which will then help in truly countering modern American propaganda against Islam and the Muslims.