The Fourth Reich Series: Spencer and the Birth of Social Radicalism

We embark in this series of publications to further enlighten ourselves as to what it really means to explore the ideologies of radical extremism and intellectual terrorism. As the title suggest, this new reich of intolerance is by extension the ideology used to form Hitler’s third reich. We already know that the mainstreem corporate media are the culprits of feeding into this menace to society to say the least.  Welcome to the world of hate and war-mongering of the radical pro-Isra’eli terrorist that make up the right conservative movement. Let us have a look at Front Page Mag. We will first quote the original article post in their website followed up by comments on a particular excerpt only to then follow it up with commenters of that blog. Says Front Page Mag

In a staggering expose, the Center for American Progress has released a 130-page report revealing that organizations which investigate Islamic radicalism are funded by money, not sunshine. One of the report’s authors, Faiz Shakir, was immediately invited to come on Keith Olbermann’s show to discuss this amazing discovery. The Center for American Progress’ campaign for donor transparency, however, stops at its own doors. While its own budget is many times that of the organizations that its report targets — the CAP’s policy is to keep the identities of its own donors secret. The CAP report attempts to suppress dialogue on Islamic terrorism with the charge of Islamophobia, but the center itself is part of a conservaphobia and Israelphobia network. An industry that pays quite well, as its annual budgets in the tens of millions show. Where does the money for the Center for American Progress come from? From shady billionaires, like Herb and Marion Sandler, listed by Time Magazine (together) as one of the 25 people to blame for the financial crisis, and George Soros, convicted in France of insider trading. That dirty money goes to pay people like Faiz Shakir, Wajahat Ali, Eli Clifton, Matt Duss, Scott Keyes and Lee Fang — the authors of the report. And their collective credibility is about what you would expect from an organization whose known donors include a rogue’s gallery of the financial industry.

Basically what this menace to humanity is quarelling about is that a report by Faiz Shakir  by the Center for American Progress is bogus because of the money flow from the likes of Soros and gang. In essence, this piece is highlighting that Faiz Shakir is demonstrating a classic example of the teapot calling the kettle black. I guess as a reponse from us, then the only true, accurate, credible,  and readily acceptabe information to institutional analysis are individuals or organiztions not receiving funds at all. Therefore we here at al-Mustaqeem Publications will offer a much more credible analysis of this asinine phenomenon that anything both the corrupt Soros funded organizations can produce as well as the monsters that make up this insidious sector of  American “civilization” known as the radical right. Might we add that the top oligarchs of the financial crisis are above and beyond the phoney right/left paradigm that make up the social indoctrination of American society as a weonderful strategic move to keep the populace at bay. At any rate, we continue on with this absurd article

ee Fang has been described as a serial fabulist for repeatedly manufacturing conspiracy theories that aren’t actually supported by the evidence, like the claim that the Chamber of Commerce was using “foreign money” to influence elections. Fang generates talking points for the Left by making wild claims, and then moves on. Fang isn’t the only liar of the report’s authors. Faiz Shakir tried to falsely pass himself off as a conservative blogger to get on a Republican senator’s press list. He exploited the tragic murders in Norway to promote the false claim that Breivik had cited Robert Spencer 162 times, when actually Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto had pasted in hundreds of documents, one of which was an independently assembled collection of quotes from Spencer, Tony Blair and others on Islam.

What a fool! Essentially the fact remains that this monster known as Breivek is aknowledged of using monsters like Spencer in his manifesto. How the use of Spencer’s asinine intellectual terrorism to form this cretin’s world view is infinitesimal. The fact remains that Spencers lunatic conspiracy theories of Islam and Muslims end result is the decrepit terrorism that forms the ideology of intolerance and hatred of the third reich. Continues the writer of this article Daniel Greenfield

How much credibility should be assigned to Shakir, who offered to provide “comment and analysis” on the links between Breivik and Spencer — based on conclusions he drew from using the “Find” function in Word, without realizing that most of the hits he was getting were from one document that Breivik didn’t even write?

Sometimes it is horrifying to comment on the bafoonery that make up the patrons of this menace to society. It does not matter what Breivik wrote or did not write, the fact that the very intellectual barbarism of Spencer is there is enough to substantiate that this barbarism is the underlying culprit that inspires Breivik to do what he did. Continues Greenfield

The idea behind the CAP report was probably lifted by Wajahat Ali, from a Max Blumenthal piece that Ali posted on his blog, Goat’s Milk, back in 2010. The Blumenthal article used many of the same talking points to write about an Islamophobia “network” funded by Jewish donors. The piece is similar enough to the CAP report that Blumenthal should probably be credited as an author, but the report does not appear to even mention him. That’s not so odd, as Blumenthal’s article charged that “representatives of the Israel lobby and the Jewish-American establishment” had conspired to conduct a crusade against mosques and Islam. Blatant bigotry and Blumenthal’s rants about baby killing rabbis would have made him too dangerous to credit, but his influence is present in the CAP report, from its opening statistic that blames researchers into Islamic extremism for a 10-point drop in Muslim approval, to its conspiracy theories about an “Islamophobia network” funded by some of the same foundations that Blumenthal had mentioned last year. The same dated material that Shakir and Ali are now trying to pass off as a major scoop. Israelphobia is a common denominator among the majority of the report’s authors.

Umm. Israelphobia. Thats interesting. Since when did these groups advocate the idea that Israel should be extreminated as the Nazi radicals that form the right cult like to advocate about Muslims. In fact when have these groups challenged the right of Israel to exist. The answer is nowhere. These groups don’t suffer from Israelphobia, they suffer from cult-radicalphobia, and rightly so as anyone who has a mind should be. Continues this radical extremist Daniel Greenfield

It shows up in Wajahat Ali’s writings as he conducts an interview with the Israel Lobby’s Walt and Mearsheimer, and denounces Israel’s “egregious crimes” and America’s “slavish loyalty” to it.

Oh, you mean the egregious crimes like the unlawful increase of settlements that continue to take place in defiance of international law and America’s slavish loyalty to allow for the continual illegal occupation through genocide as the state sponsored terrorism continues through Netanyahu’s fascists war-mongering which make up its policy. Is that what your talking about. Continues Greenfield

When Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, Wajahat Ali posted a roundup of Muslim reactions on his blog, one of which said, “Bravo Obama! Now while you’re at it, why not get Bush and Blair as well…” Matt Duss, another author, also has a special focus on attacking Israel, and in one post urged more nuance in viewing Hamas and linked to an article which suggested that Hamas supporters are not actually dangerous radicals. Eli Clifton is in the same line of work, and his attempt to spread conspiracy theories to sabotage the bipartisan support for sanctions on the Iranian regime showed a disturbing willingness to bend the truth in order to support one of the world’s ugliest tyrannies. Shakir made much of how often Robert Spencer’s name was mentioned in Breivik’s 1,500-page screed, but in Shakir, Ali, Duss, Clifton, Keyes and Fang’s 130-page report, “Israel” shows up 27 times and “Jew” shows up 30 times. The message is subtle, but not very. The majority of the experts blamed in the report for the spread of Islamophobia are Jewish. The report also emphasizes the Jewish foundations over the non-Jewish ones. Even when the targets, like Brigitte Gabriel or Nonie Darwish, aren’t Jewish, the report finds ways to associate them with Jews or Israel. In a report that claims to denounce scapegoating as bigotry, the Center for American Progress hypocritically practices it instead. But the report isn’t really about Israel or Jews — it’s about silencing critics of Islamic extremism. Shakir, Ali and company tip their hand when they don’t limit their attacks to non-Muslims, but go after moderate Muslim critics of Islamic extremism as well. How can a Muslim be accused of Islamophobia? He can’t, but Zuhdi Jasser and Tawfik Hamid are among the report’s targets.

Firstly, no one needs to be Jewish to support radicalism. People tend to flock to radicalism beause of their asinine world views and chosen ignorance. Secondly, silencing Islamic critics. Do you mean similar to the criminal activity of the Isra’eli lobby through the tyrannical invented stigma of anti-semitism as a means to silence anti-Isra’eli state sponsored terrorism as allowed by the imperialist that make up the three headed hydra of Washtington, Wall Street, and the City of London. Is this the type of social silencing your speaking of.  Well let this self sufficent and self funded organization known as al-Mustaqeem Publications to set the record straight. The promotion of Anti-Isra’eli state sponsored terrorism is an imperative to the human race and does not produce radical hatred or intellectual terrorism. Rather its promotion and end result, if it were successfull, will prevent the genocide of an entire populace. As for the promotion of Islamophobia, It is the benchmark for radicalism and hatred, is the hallmark of war-mongering, and is responsible for death and intellectual barbarism to say the least. Thus it is the duty of every and any sane person, Muslim or not, to diffuse this decrepit menace to society known as Islamophobia for the sake of humanity. Thirdly, a alleged Muslim can be accused of Islamophobia. Not everyone who claims to be Muslim is actually a Muslim. Someone who juxtaposes their views to be synonymous with this criminal element of reactionary radicalism that ake up the Islamophobic movement is nothing less than a radical Islamopbobe. People are judged by their speech and action and not through their claims. Continues Greenfield

The CAP report states that Zuhdi Jasser, the head of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, “dangerously and incorrectly labels mainstream Muslim American organizations as subversive.” One of those mainstream groups that Jasser is accused of labeling is the Islamic Society of North America. Jasser, whose family built several mosques, is not a good enough Muslim for the report, because he refuses to endorse the Ground Zero Mosque. But the Islamic Society of North America, which emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood, is. “Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America” isn’t really about denouncing bigotry against Muslims. Its real purpose is to denounce scrutiny of Islamic extremism. “This isn’t playing games. We want to end Islamophobia,” Shakir said. And by Islamophobia, he means anyone who stands up to Islamic militancy in America — whether they’re Christians, Jews, atheists or even Muslims. Any report on Islamophobia that scapegoats Jews is not a report on bigotry, it is an act of bigotry. And any report that denounces moderate Muslims is not moderate, it is an attempt to silence critics of extremism.

Everyone, the ultimate framework of this op-ed piece of nonsense is to essentially pass off Islamophobia as some form of constructive and academic scrutiny of Islamic extremism. There are hundreds of formats to conduct valid scrutinization of Islamic extremism, none of which contain elements of this radical intellectual barbarism from the likes of Spencer, Pipes, Bridgette Gabriel, and others that form the insidious monster known as the Islamophobic movement. We have finished offering our slight input to this absurdity which is a waste of cyberspace and we will now conclude with demonstrating the intellectual barbarism, no, terrorism of the lunatic base that make up the followers of this likewise lunatic publication known as Front Page Mag.

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Talk about pathological ritilin induced nutjobs. There are no words to describe the lunacy of the extent of their indoctrination. One comment we wished to address is the following one which deserves a response.



1. This is a poor and rather deecrepit way of viewing a person’s statement about being the dominant faith. This is no different than fundmamentalist who advocate the same for christianity. No one charges them with intolerance precisely because desiring for people to subscribe to a faith has nothing to do with being inemical to co-existence. 

2. Islam was always coexisting all through the formation of the American republic when your slave masters brought us here. When we partook in fighting in your civil war, there was nothing existant regarding a lack of cohesion between Muslims and native Americans. 

3. The Islamic shariah prevents the subjugation and “destruction” of other religions as you ignorantly impugn for it. The Islamic criminal courts considers it a crime punishable by capital punishment for a Muslim to destroy or kill adherents to other faiths in its own territorial jurisdiction, much less being a minority in a non-Muslim polity.

4. The reason why you have been treated in front of your television screen with depictions of Muslims screaming out “death to America” is partially due to your bankrupt corporate sponsored media responsible for the promotion and practice of imperialism as the foreign policy of the state while not reporting this imperalism for what it is, but through the prism of humanitarianism as a selling line to leftist and the “need to defend America” for the radical right, from the “dangers” of countries who are not only non-nuclear proliferated countries, but who can’t even manage and maintain their own populace, much less pose a “threat” to the super power known as the U.S. Moroever, another aspect that forms the multi-facted nature of why you have been treated the way you have been treated in front of your Television set is precisely because in the wake of dealing with the “threat” of “outside forces”, our imperialist foreign policy has been in the service of raping the indigenous populations of the world through the installment of puppet dictatorships in order to secure U.S. interests that are largely for corporate or military purposes. No one can think of a better form of hyper-fascism than what we have in todays paradigm. So when these populations realize what your decrepit establishment elite has done to them in the corridors of power in Washington, it is no wonder as to why they express these sentiments in light of our bombing and grand theft of their crops, lands, and national resources. It is not our fault that your media fails to make the connections for you in order to understand the full scope of international geo-politics, and that is the designed purpose and intent of it, is to keep you in the dark by subtracting your ability to make the connection.  In the vaccum of this social ignorance, this is where islamaphobia comes in to reap the harvest of this ignorance through the fommenting of extremism and ideas such as “they hate us for our freedoms” theory as advocated by none other than sociopathic fools.

We hate the imperialism that your establishment elite exports to our countries and we hate your western institutions of slavery and neo-feudalism that your elected elite, in the pockets of finance capital, bring to our countries through the IMF, the World Banck, or any other imperialist institution responsible for the rape, death, and genocide of our populations in our countries.

Moreover, we are all smart enough to realize that your not their for the promotion of democracy. We learned that in 1953 with the CIA overthrow of Mossedeg who got into power in the first place through a populist democratically enacted election. We’ve continued to learn that in the subsequent decades after that in South America and the middle east through the removal of popular leaders for the people intent on securing the progress and advancement of its citezenry and the installment of puppet dictatorships that have proven to stifle development in our countries. 

5.  As for the 9/11 celebration. Okay. let us analyse your comment. This analyization require some reverse engineering considering the diabolical manipulation performed by your corporate sponsored media.

We’ll make it very simple

Muslim Reaction of 9/11 =


Proven to be a total farce

Isra’eli reaction=

We are not so brazen to simply negate all forms of reality here as obviously there may have been some people who celebrated the event. However we know that quite a stagering amount of people did, not just whatever pockets of Muslims who may have done such an action. To single out Muslims as the oly group of people who have done so is simply a deception and dishonest and the trademark of corporate sponsored American Israeli filtered media.

6. There are no Muslims “forcing” people to be Muslims. We know this by the very fact of the social fabric of our society. We don’t have a mass proselytizing effort and the relatively handful of converts that enter Islam either enter Islam on their own, or are agents o the government in the infiltration process for intelligence gathering.

7. If you want to end terrorism, there are several things that can be done. Here is an example of one

Secondly, you can change the imperialist agenda of your empire and alter the fascist system that you have in operation currently. Once you take back your government, you should end the CIA asset known as al-qaeda who are used for imperial designs as part of the destablization campaign to destablize countries on the target list of the empire. These are great strides that will virtually cease terrorism as you perceive it to be.

The issue here will be whether or not the islamaphobic movement will wake up from its delusional perception of reality or will it continue to feed into the imperialist global order as a result of adhering to their dogmatic lunacy.