Ahkaamus-Siyaam Series: Hukm of Using Siwaak, Toothpaste, and Eyedrops During Fasting


Is it allowed to use siwaak and toothpaste during fasting ? and is it also allowed to use eyes drop in the time of fasting?


Answered by Shaykh Muhammad Hamood an-Najdi


As-Siwaak is really preferred to use as the Prophet (alayhi salatu salam) said : “had it not been difficult on my ummah, I will have ordered them to use siwaak on every time of the prayer”. (Muttafaqun Alayh) as narrated by Abu Hurairah.


And he said also : “had it not been difficult on my ummah, I’ll have ordered them to use siwaak on every time performing ablution”. (Malik and Shaafi’ee). And the Prophet (alayhi salatu salam) had not exempted those who fast, so it is preferred all the time. Imam Ahmad said : “It’s no sin to use siwaak for the fasting person” (Al-Mughni 4/359).


And Imam Ahmad and Ishaaq preferred to leave using siwaak in the evening, as Ahmad said : the Prophet (alayhi salatu salam) said : The mouth smell of the fasting person is more fragrant then the smell of misk (kind of perfume). For that unpleasant smell, I don’t like the fasting person to use the siwaak in the evening.


Some of the ulema replied by saying: this unpleasant smell comes from the stomach because of being empty of foods, so using the siwaak will not change that smell.


While using the toothpaste will not invalidate his fast when he doesn’t swallow it. But it’s preferred for the fasting person not to do it.


Unless when he needs it. This is for fear of the toothpaste reaching the throat and he can do without it by using siwaak.


About the eye drop there is no sin in the using eye drops during fasting, as it’s not food or drink, and it does not have the same rule as food and drink to the eyes and has no access to the stomach, so he does not break his fast because of something coming into his eye.


And it’s affirmed by narration of Anas that he uses the eyebrow-black (quhool) while he was fasting.