Ahkaamus-Siyaam Series: Drinking After the Second Adhaan of Fajr


Shaykh Muhammad Hamood an-Najdi

A man drinks a water 5 minutes after fajr adhaan (call to prayer) after he ensured himself that the sky was still being dark, so what its hukm ?


The Almighty Allah said in His holy Book : “And eat and drink until the white thread (light) of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread (darkness of night), then complete your saum (fast) till the nightfall”. (Al-Baqarah : 187).


That mean that the fajr time is the end of eating and drinking so it is not allowed to eat or drink after that time. The fajr time is known by the second call for adhaan as narrated in the hadith of Aisha (May Allah be Gracious to her) said : Bilal was calling for adhaan at night (fajr) then the prophet (Alayhi Salatu Salam) said : Eat and drink until ibn Ummi Makhtum call for prayer Fajr, he doesn’t call for fajr prayer unless dawn appears. (Al-Bukhaari 4/136).


If man (Mu’adhan) calls for the second call on time as dawn appears to prayer, the muslims should stop from eating and drinking when they hear that call, it’s daleel of Jumhur (most of Islamic Scholars) from the companions and their followers and others.


But there was a leave for the one who hears adhaan when having his meal for suhur as narrated by Abu Hurayrah that he said : “The prophet (alayhi salatu salam) said : if anyone of you hears the call to prayer while his hand is holding the vessel, then he should not place it until he fulfill his needs from eating”. (Abu Dawud #3350 and Ahmad #9468), and it’s sahih hadith (authentic hadith).


If the asker ate five minutes after the fajr adhaan ended, then he must carry out for his fasting on that day, while the darkness of sky is not considered enough to allow that act, as it’s too difficult to make a distinction between the white thread (light) and the black thread (darkness of night) in cities where there are lot of lights.