Ahkaamus-Siyaam Series: Does Ejaculation of the Madhi Invalidate the Fast


Question: What’s the hukm (ruling) for him who got madhi transmission while he was fasting because of thought about his wife ?


Answered by Shaykh Muhammad Hamood an-Najdi

The right opinion out of the scholars points of view, is that the ejaculation of the madhi does not break the fast, as the ejaculation of the madhi is the thing that comes out from the body and doesn’t obligate him to take the ritual bathe, so it is like urine.


            This was the opinion of Abu Haneefah, Shafi’ee, Hasan, Sha’bi and al-Awzaa’i.


Other scholars view that it breaks the fast as the madhi comes out with lust like semen, and it’s the opinion of scholars like Malik and Ahmad (Al-Mughni 4/361).


The first opinion is the right, and the more cautious way is staying away from its causes, as narrated by Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) she said : 

Verily! The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) kissed me while he was fasting, but he is the most capable men of you in taking control of his lust” (Bukhaari 3/39 and Muslim 2/777).


And it’s narrated by Abu Hurayrah that a man asked the Prophet’s (alayhi salatu salam) permission of playing with his wife (kissing, bantering, etc) while he was fasting, so then he (prophet) permitted him to do so, and then another man came to ask,  then the prophet (alayhi salatu salam) prohibited him, the person who he permitted to do so is an old man and the other one was the young man. (Abu Dawud 2387), so then this act is permissible for the person who is able to take control of his self and is secured from its effect/consequences.