Asalamu Alaykum

It is with great pleasure that we provide a review of a beneficial website on the web in which it can be accessed here

The site is headed by our brother in Islam, a companion of the Salafi manhaj, Shadeed Muhamamd hafidhaullah. This site has extremely beneficial publications in e-book format as well as informative articles. One of the great things admirable about Shadeed is the amount of content dedicated to the practical things that actually matter, those things that target the necessary issues that the people of the Sunnah should be dealing and facing with. 

This manhaj is amon he signs of a true taalibul-ilm who has benefited from his studies because from among the initial aspects of learning as a student of knowledge in which the teachers and mashaa’ikh enjoin upon the seeker is the principle that one of the deceptions of shaytaan is that he entangles you to become embroiled in the fardul-kifaayah while relinquishing those things that are fardul-ayn. In other words, he misprioritizes the Muslim to the extent that we are directed to the things less relevant whereby we will not be directly accountable by Allah while we neglect those things in which we will be directly accountable to answer for in front of Allah Subhaanahu.

He has also been among the premiere students of knowledge who launched several years ago I believe in 2005 in the wake of the internal salafi polemics that was raging at the hands of the people influenced by the haddadi manhaj may Allah guide them away from their hizbiyyah.

We here at al-Mustaqeem Publications dedicated a publication in defense of Shadeed Muhammad back in 2010 in the wake of his being “thrown off the manhaj” directly at the fault of some scandelous and deceptive practices of the haddadi hizbis in which that article can be found here


He has been producing material to counter hizbi extremism from the haddadis in the most beneficial way but by no means is this the only topic available at We incite our audience to benefit from his website and material to learn the fiqh of Islam and the manhaj as well as the purification of the heart along with other forms of knowledge throughout his website.

and we ask Allah to aid and make easy for him the path to dawah and learning

Asalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah