WikiBot for Mac


Ahlan wa sahlan


There are many applications out there that one can use to explore the world of wikipedia, particularly with Mac computers. 


They range from Wiki Reader, Wiki Tab, Wiki Buddy, and even the ability to carry the entire database offline with the app known as Wiki Offline. Each one has its special function that makes it better than the other. Wiki Reader is from the best applications to use when exploring the wikipedia world. 


However the best app of them all in our estimation is “Wikibot”. We were fortunate enough to attain this app for free before they advanced to optimizing it and selling it at a paid version for $3.99 from the Mac App Store


Wikibot has an elegant design that makes reading wiki pages crisp and extremely wonderful to say the least. 


Here is a look at the design of the interface.



As anyone can see and who knows Apple operability, it is OSX friendly. 

 The left tab bar has the options to expand and show the history of all your pages you’ve ever visited as well as the ability to bookmark your favorite entries for faster searching for the future. The contents are the hyperlinks to each subsection of the page. It even has the ability to provide the content in a plethora of languages directly available in the language tab. It likewise has categories where it can link to other things filed under that category. 

One of the best features of this platform is the superb ability of the trackpad gestures on it where you can swipe forward or back to a previous or forwarded page by the simple swipe of two fingers, depending on how you set up your trackpad features. Of course it is not privy to all the gestures like expanding the viewing size or decreasing it. 

Another amazing feature of this platform is the ability to click on “start speaking” in when you move your mouse over to the window tab on the taskbar. When you click it to start speaking, it will read the entire page for you audibly. It has many other cool tweaks and features you can adjust to your liking.

Here is another snapshot of the interface after having clicked on one of the images in the wikipage. 



Notice at the top right corner of this new photo gallery window that there is a play button. If you click it, it will then transform your screen and makes a photo gallery slideshow of all the images available in that specific page. 


For any of our readers who you Wikipedia on a regular basis and who are fortunate enough to have OS X operating systems, then we definitely encourage this application as a candidate for browsing the wikipedia universe rather than the traditional browser experience.