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It is with great honor that we recommend the following website to our audience to strengthen their manhaj and knowledge on matters ranging from hadeeth sciences and takhreejaat as well as polemics against the rawaafidh and the neo-sufis with regards to their corruptions in the religion as well as their propagandists of today who call to their heresy. The link is found here

We have benefited from their research in their articles and takhreejaat and documenting source references to information where issues can be pinpointed easily. A great example of this is their post regarding the various refutations of Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh, a current Sufi propagandist in the business of distorting the shariah and understanding of the hadeeth in support for the innovations practiced by the Sufis. This post can be found here

Another invaluable piece of material is the research performed into the topic of following Abu Bakr and Umar in refutation of the Shi’i mythology which can be found here

All in all, we hope that our audience closely pays attention to any new material published in this website and that the owners are rewared by Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’Ala for aiding the cause of Islam and the destruction of kufr, shirk, and heresies in the religion.

Asalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah