SiteSucker for Mac

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem


One of the most useful tools that we have fell in need of, mostly for personal use, was a wonderful Mac applications called “sitesucker”. 

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This cool little application is extremely lightweight and its main purpose is to download the entire website of your liking. This is a sweet little application that has helped me save extremely unique material when certain websites became unavailable. I would urge anyone who has a Mac computer to use this application especially if part of their occupation or hobby is in the realm of web surfing and in acquiring content from the web. I’ve personally used it to download entire forums and sites such as the Multaqa Ahlul-Hadeeth or some of the offshoot Spubs websites like,, etc. 


The app is very easy to use, simply copy a web address, and paste it on the link area of the application and press download, and it downloads the entire site in seconds or a minute or two, depending on how much content a website has. The best thing is that it does not have an advertising content like there was with a Windows equivalent known as “inspyder” which its function was the same thing, but added an advertising banner to each html file downloaded. 


It is freeware, and if you find it extremely useful, consider donating to the developers as a gesture of good faith and amaal to the developers.

Anyone can go to their website


to download the application or they are also available in the Mac App Store. They also have an iphone equivalent that can be used for iDevices.

Asalamu Alaykum