Maraaqil-Falaah Sharh Noorul-Iddah


Before you is an incomplete translation of the work “Maraaqi al-Falaah” which was an explanation of a Hanafi primer on fiqh titled “Noorul-Iddah” and the explanation comes directly from the same author of Noorul-Iddah, the Imaam Ammar bin Ali bin Yusuf as-Shurunbulali. Thus the explanation is as the author has intended from the original work. In this e-book, we have added the authors biographical data in the beginning for the reader to gain further information about the Imaam. The present work only includes only the full chapters of Tahaarah and Salaah and tidbits of visiting the Prophet’s grave. The translation was by Shaykh Haroon Latif

E-Book Publication: Maraaqil-Falaah bi Imdaadil-Fattah Sharh Noorul-Iddah wan-Najjatul-Arwah