Addressing The Quilliam Foundation

The Quilliam Foundation is a British think tank which basis itself as the propagators of a “secularized” form of Islam and basis its interpretations in pseudo modernist ideology and impugning such an ideology as the true intent of Islam. The following is what they have said about themselves

The Quilliam Foundation, under the guidance of mainstream Muslim scholars, is a specialist think tank that believes that Western Muslims should revive Western Islam and find harmony in West-Islam relations.

 Just as Muslims across the globe have adopted from and adapted to local cultures and traditions, while remaining true to the essence of their faith, Western Muslims should pioneer new thinking for our new times. Here, Muslim scholastic giants, such as the noble Abdullah bin Bayyah and Shaikh Ali Goma (Mufti of Egypt), have provided ample guidance.

 The founders of the Quilliam Foundation have both travelled the path of extremism and, in recent years, after witnessing the logical conclusion of unfettered ideology and its impact on adherents, have resoundingly rejected Islamism while remaining committed Muslims.

 Accordingly, the Quilliam Foundation rejects foreign ideologies of Islamism and Jihadism as aberrant readings of the Islamic tradition and are thus irrelevant and defunct. We uphold Islam as a pluralistic, diverse tradition that can heal the pathology of Islamist extremism.

 The Quilliam Foundation seeks to:

  • Expose and challenge the weaknesses, inconsistencies, and failings of Islamist thought and actions;
  • Provide a scripturally rooted theological and ideological alternative to the rigidity of Islamism;
  • Narrate public testimonies as to why Islamists have abandoned these movements;
  • Encourage current Islamists to sever ties with their movements and enter the fold of mainstream Islam;
  • Advocate full integration of Muslims into Western society as citizens, not as a faith community, and counter the separatism of Islamists.

We here at al-Mustaqeem Publications will embark, by Gods Will, in the journey to decipher the ideological implications of their beleifs and statements inherent in their writings for the sake of clarifying to the Muslim masses the inaccuracy, unfounded claims about Islam, and overall objectives of what they wish to instill upon Muslims contrary to the intent of the source of the law giver (Allah) and the intent and explanations of the one who was the example of the practition of this law (Muhammad alaihi salatu salam). We will point our where they have left the fold of the shariah and where they have left the fold of Islam itself (because some of their beliefs is a direct nullifier of the testimony of faith).