The Current Geo-Political Paradigm, Uni-Polarism Vs Multi-Polarism, The Muslim Condition, and A More Viable Solution Based on the Prophetic Guidance to Social Reform

Source: Multaqa Ahlul-Hadeeth

Author and Compiler: Ali Boriqee

Produced by al-Mustaqeem Publications

Is Egypt Free: The Question of Egypt in the Aftermath of Revolution

It was asked:

I am interested to see how the new President handles the situation there? Anyone know anything about him?

I am hoping with the new gov’t that it will be easier for brothers and sisters to travel there to study, learn Qur’an, arabic, etc. It has actually become quite difficult wallaahul’musta3an.

The litmus test will be

1. how well he establishes relations with western powers and financiers. On the side of power, Once he is in office, we will send in our

economic hit-men to alter everything he ran on in favor of U.S. interest in the area. If he complies, then you will have a Mubarak number II. If he does not comply, then a few things will either happen based on the geo-political framework briefly outlined by the previous remark

a. they will assassinate him (highly improbable)

b. They will organize an internal coup against him (just as they did with Mubarak, Qaddafi, and as they are trying to do with Asad now, and what they tried to do with Putin in Moscow). This seems to be more of a probability because it becomes a war by proxy, and the employment of “human rights” as a thesis in order to arrive at the antithesis which in the case would be revolution in order to arrive at the controlled synthesis they


c. Or as an offshoot to point b, they will try to form a “human rights movement” as a means to destabilizing his government thereby warranting NATO’s intervention and will thus be brought down by overt military force.

2. Another way they will try to mobilize against him is to use the dissenters as a means to instigate that his rule is “against people’s freedom of expression” and utilize his background as someone involved in the brotherhood as a ploy to be used for this campaign.

On the side of Finance, it will depend on how open to deregulation he is towards western financiers who will bring toxic derivatives market to the doorstep of Egypt. If they are unable to pull off the above in terms of military or covert might, they will try to destroy Egypt financially with its toxic derivatives or speculators or hedge fund hyenas.

OR, how receptive he is to accepting loans from the IMF. Not accepting the loans would entail the campaigns of destabilizing the country and accepting the loans will basically hand over Egypt back to Western/Zionist powers and thereby putting the people back to square one because it will hand over the country to foreign investors, regulators, industrialist and will enrich the upper class while being hell bent on keeping the poorer within their level while making it impossible to improve just as previous governments have done.

Egypt is far from being free. As I said long ago, the political climate of today has nothing to do with “one man on top”. People who think like this are still living in the 1600s where a single man was responsible for everything. That has not how the geo-political structure of the world has been running for the last almost 2 centuries and it is certainly not the case with Egypt. That is why I said two things were absolutely essentially for a true revolution to take place

1. Clean house- meaning everyone and everything remotely linked to the U.S., NATO and its allies has to be abolished, eliminated, or annihilated with no traces.

2. In the wake of the above, there has to be a well defined thought out structure with which to transition the society with ease. If people are just simply revolting for mere “grievances” with nothing more to offer and bring to the table, then this

a. Strips the power, legitimacy, and influence of any real beneficial revolution

  1. Opens the doors for players abroad to come in with their already well thought out plans (that we failed to do) for the country at the expense of the peoples within the country.

However, I am sorry to report some extremely bad news, but just as I had expected, it turns out that she is really “not free”…#axzz1znBQkEjE

The price for Muhammad Mursi’s acceptance of the 3.2 Billion dollar loan from the IMF is what most countries who suffered from the diabolical tyranny of the IMF calls “shock therapy”.

So now, what is going to happen (not by knowing the unseen, but simply knowing who the enemy is and how they operate with each of their henchmen, one of them being the IMF) is what happened to Russia after the fall of the U.S.S.R. as well as Argentina and a plethora of other countries.

Deregulation, asset stripping, and other societal rapes of the country. Once the bill comes home to roost and it becomes apparent that Egypt will be unable to pay back this loan with its diabolical interest rate (designed on purpose), it will have to sign off some of its infrastructure into the hands of foreign investors and interested parties. Thus all the economic development that could ever take place in Egypt, NONE of the Egyptian people will see that money and they will continue to remain in the depths of misery, poverty, and the discord of chaos that comes with ruling by other than what Allah has revealed.

It was asked in light of this statement made above which was

there has to be a well defined thought out structure with which to transition the society with ease.

The following

What would that structure consist of and how would it be implemented?

For starters, allow me to use what has already been initiated inshallah.

Don’t get me wrong at all. I am no fan of Hizbu-Tahrir and their corruptions in beliefs and understandings of various topics of Islam, but I as well utilize what I judge to be correct or feasible for and in Islam no matter who it comes from.

In light of this, here is an interesting outline of what Im talking about…_Manifesto.pdf

and here is another study for starters…d-muslim-world

donwload the free ebook

One of the key paragraphs in the second link before you download the ebook states

This is the fundamental reason for any nation wanting to industrialise, having an independent manufacturing base makes a nation self-sufficient and become capable of opposing the leading states. By not industrialising a nation will not be politically and economically independent, it will be reliant on other nations for its defence and it will always be dependent on the will of other states, like the Islamic world is today.

This is precisely the major underlying and “UNSTATED” theme of U.S. Foreign policy. The world post Soviet Russia became a “UNIPOLAR” world. The only thing more dangerous than a multi-polar or bi-polar world is a unipolar world because it means that a single nation becomes the sole uncontested power over all others and all others depend solely on it. This means that ALL wills of all people in every country are SUBJECT to the interests of the leading power, in this case the U.S.

BECAUSE the U.S. is by definition a global empire (and there is no denying this, only a fool denies this fact, even the American elite admit to this in their writings), then due to its very nature, it CANNOT allow for any nation to become self-subsisting in its own economic, political, technological, educational, or any other form of progress. The underlying principle here is that a nation that becomes self dependent by default means that it is beyond the control of the sphere of U.S. domination. That does not sit well at all with diabolical imperialist, especially the ones who occupy Washington, Wall street, and the City of London.

In light of the above fact, All and every policy invented that comes out of this diabolical axis of Iblees MUST be rejected by any and all means necessary by anyone who has a brain, because entertaining anything that coincides to what they call the “Washington Consensus” is wholly insidious to all countries and to the indigenous population of that country. Our (American) foreign policy is built totally on the decay of all other societies and countries.

So here is the litmus test.

What we want as the pure sunni Muslim populace is a self independent nation built upon the precepts of the shariah of Allah Subhaanahu.

So anyone in authority who wishes or desires to actually solidify his authority has to fulfill both. There cannot be one without the other. You cannot have building of infrastructure and becoming economically, militarily, or technologically independent while not implementing the shariah because this will open up the doors to corruptions and a decaying in the long run. Likewise you can’t have someone who is touting to apply the shariah but who is going to ally himself with wall street financiers, the city of london, and the washington ruling establishment because it would be a puppet regime, a joke, and partially a shariah.

And when I say “puppet regime”, i mean that the one in authority will always be subservient to the axis of evil mentioned above whether they like it or not (if they hate it, then at least there is still emaan in their hearts and if they don’t mind or like it then there is no eman below hating it in the heart)

Whoever agrees or concedes to any western imperial institution, then KNOW by default that they have sold you out whether that leader consciously knows what they have done or whether they are too ignorant to understand the nature of the enemy. EVEN if it be something as simple as the human rights watch organization. This organization is a wing and arm of western interventionism (i.e. imperialism) to anyone that the wests views is becoming more independent from their iron fist. Every single proposal that comes from these people, all of it is nothing less than a trojan’s horse.

So whatever course of action any particular country of the Muslim world takes, the first and utmost principle is to cease and completely cut off anything that has any remoteness to the West because all of it is tide in with western imperialism, bottom line.

At any rate, getting back to the above mentioned links, they can be improved upon, but they are a start. If there is one thing that can be learned from westerners is their experience with revolutions. They have a common saying that in the wake of revolutions, in the vacuum of nothingness, oligarchy comes in to take over. This has been their history for centuries. When opposition forces having nothing to bring to the table, then this is grounds for chaos and what creates chaos. You can chant the slogans that you will bring shariah, but the fact of the matter is “HOW” is this going to be done. What plan, what “blueprint” do you have that will facilitate this.

All of this needs to be scrutinized and discussed by leading academic ulema, as well as engineers, doctors, and the people of influence, the ahlul-haali wal-aqd i.e. the people who “tie and untie” within the society. All of this is done more better, more accurately and properly, and with greater speed when everyone has a good grounding in the fundamental principles, aqeedah, tawheed, and basic fiqh of Islam. When there is a lack of this, then the process becomes longer because it takes much longer to correct all the false notions that people may have with regards to how they envision the shariah, as well as how to apply civil structure, economy, etc in the society. This is why tarbiyyah and tasfiyyah

is made so important because through this, people are truly unified in a more cohesive manner and less in-differing occurs.

Furthermore, the concept of a Unipolar, bi-polar, and multi-polar world is based on the geo-political concept that Allah Subhaanahu taught us in the Qur’an in which He states that

Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: “Our Lord is Allah.” For had it not been that Allah checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allah is mentioned much would surely have been pulled down. Verily, Allah will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty.

Point being, what creates a bi-polar or multi-polar world is a fadhl for humans on earth in the absence of a righteous Khilaafa. The only unipolar world that is an acceptable unipolar world is where the Muslim state is the ultimate authority because if it is ruling by shariah, it will not abuse that authority and it will not allow for oppression and tyranny because it functions on justice. In todays world, the power and support of the American empire is solely dependent on the corruption, suppression, and tyranny of other nations. If they were to reform, then that marks the collapse of empire.

Anyways, what makes the world more better and sustainable to live in is when nations have deterrents towards one another. That is what we know as a bi or multi-polar world. What makes the world in such a predicament is when a nation has the ability to check the other nation. Just imagine the Umawwi khilafa if it were existent know. NEVER would have the imperialist placed the yahood with their own state in Philistine. NEVER would they have brought their colonialism into the North African continent or the sub-continent. None of the atrocities you have seen would have saw the light of day in the context of a super power Muslim State. Never would have their been something known as terrorism. All of this takes place due to another ayaah that Allah mentioned directly tied in with the geo-political strategy of world affairs when He says

And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly. “

This ayaah has nothing to do with “terrorism”. this ayaah is what is known in political science as the power of “deterrents”. When one studies and understands the significance and ramifications of deterrents between nations, one will be able to fully benefit from the ayaah. The ayaah in question is pointing to the fact that our own developed power and military arsenal WILL be a MEANS TO THREATEN the enemy and put fear in their hearts and to think twice about harming the Muslims. This ayaah in reality (as well as deterrents in political science, since they are one in the same) is actually an instrument of peace, not war.

It has nothing to do with strapping up and going into a market.

Question 1:

How can the ummah advance industrially, or even at the national dawah level when the kings are often usurpers and oppressors in Muslim lands? 

If ‘ulama got together to produce a strategy to spread the religion, they will be gathered and tortured on false accusations for allegedly planning to overthrow the ruler. And if people think of ways to industrialize the nation – they won’t ever have enough funds because most of the resources are being taken by the west (or corporations) and money being given to the rulers only.

So how does the ummah get out of this cycle of oppression/injustice?

The information that can be garnered as a reply to this question is actually multi-faceted. Not only does it have several key points, but the basic brunt of it is the toughest cookie to swallow for the modern Muslim ummah considering the historical reality that much of the revivalist movements inspired by Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb rahmatullahi alayhuma are rooted or have roots in socialist, marxist, and European humanistic philosophies. But before I spill the beans, allow me to lay out some of the issues that this question ties into.

First: allow me to address the initial part of the question which was

How can the ummah advance industrially, or even at the national dawah level when the kings are often usurpers and oppressors in Muslim lands?

From among the toughest of cookies to swallow for some Muslims (and each person may vary according to their emaan or particularly their fahm of the revelation) is the fact that Allah’s Sunnah for the believers, and by the pragmatic reality of the world this means the “Muslim Ummah”, is different than Allah’s Sunnah for the disbelievers. From the Divine texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and including analyzing history and events that always fall in line with the Book and the Sunnah, then history is nothing more than what actions or paths the “believers” take. ALL that exists in this dunya revolves around the believers, including the disbelievers.

So for example on this particular subject, when Allah allows for the disbelievers to rise and become the dominating force to be reckoned with, this reality has nothing to do with the course of actions that the disbelievers took. This reality of theirs is based on what the Muslims did or did not do. In short, when the disbelievers are under the dominating force of the institutions of Divine guidance i.e. the Muslims, this is a result of our uboodiyyah to Allah. When the Muslims loose this dominating feature of their existence and this slips into the hands of the disbelievers, this is because of our lack of uboodiyyah or any particular aspect of it that we have failed to adopt.

So even considering the fact that we are all equal in our humanity and we all take courses of actions that affect the causes, even in the course of our actions, Allah separates them from each other. Their worship or “hard work” is not connected with their dominance or as Allah says “khilaafa” in the land. However, ours is. Allah grants khilaafa to whom He pleases.

Second: the key feature for success ummah style is the pure and basic grass roots revolution of the mind and self. This is another Sunnah of Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’Aala when He says

And Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change their own selves“.

This was the grass roots dawah of the anbiyyah

and the most significant of which was the Messenger alayhi salatu salam.

The problem that the current ummah faces is a mighty one on this particular subject. When I say “the ummah” I don’t mean everyone, I mean generally a considerable portion, those involved in the revival of Islam. They have not viewed societal evolution and governance from the standpoint of the Prophetic manhaj, rather they have viewed societal evolution from western perceptions of the subject whereby change occurs from the top and then spreads on down. In other words, this methodology is set up on the assumption that if the issue of governance and rule is corrected and made straight, then that correctness and straightness will extend towards the ruled i.e. the masses.

Contrary to this ideology is the Prophetic Manhaj which is simulated in the mission of the Messengers and finds its most authoritative, ultimate, and exhaustive example within the life model of the Messenger alayhi salatu salam and by extension, the lives of his senior most companions. That is that within this prophetic methodology, the real revolution, the revolution that actually matters and the revolution that actually lasts is the revolution of your own self, both in the heart primarily and then in the mind (fiqhu-deen).

Third: Now this gets into the next part of that initial question, and that is with regards to the obstacle of rulers and their corruption and tyranny. This becomes an even tougher cookie to bite because the answer to this very issue lies in Allah’s qadr qawniyyah and His Af’aal (actions) as it pertains to why and how He allowed them to take control of power in the first place.

However, even in this fragment of the question, the answers that I have in the back of my mind are actually two. Before I get into the aspects of Allah’s Qadr connected with the subject, I think it would be best to explain the other answer I have in my mind which is much more simpler and easier to grasp.

The partial answer to this question about the rulers is that their affair is ROOTED in what I just said above regarding the difference between prophetic reforms of society versus kuffaric reforms of the society. ONE MUST understand that the one who rises or has risen to power came from the same families, tribes, or society of people whom the people who do have grievances about their ruler come from. The point here is almost like the same logic as we commonly say about food “you are what you eat“, however in this case it is worded as “you get what you are”. On this very note, Haafidh Ibnul-Qayyim has the following to say

And reflect in His, the Most High’s wisdom in making the [nature of the] kings of the servants, their leaders and their rulers to be of the same genus as the actions [of the servants]. Rather, it is as if their actions became manifest in the appearances of their rulers and kings.

If they remain upright, then their kings will remain upright, and if they turn away (from uprightness), then they (the kings) too will turn away from uprightness.

And if they (the servants) oppress [themselves and others], then their kings and rulers will oppress [them].

And if their appears plotting and deception from them, their rulers will [be made to] behave likewise, and if they (the servants) prevent the rights of Allaah that are between themselves and become miserly with respect to them (i.e. withhold the rights of each other), then their kings and their rulers will withhold the right that they (the servants) have upon them and will become miserly with respect to them.

And if they take from the one who is considered weak, what they do not deserve to take from him in their dealings (i.e. misappropriate from him), then the kings will take from them (the servants) what they do not deserve to take (from them) and will inflict them with taxes.

And everything that they (the servants) take away from the weak person, the kings will take away from them with power, force.

So their actions (those of the servants) become manifest in their actions (those of the kings and rulers). And it is not from the Divine wisdom that the evil-doers and the sinners are made to be ruled over [by anyone] except by one who is of their like.

And when the very first band (of Islaam) was the best of the generations, and the most pious of them, then their rulers were likewise. And when they became tarnished (i.e. corrupted), the Rulers were made corrupted over them. Thus, the wisdom of Allaah refuses that the likes of Mu’aawiyah, and ‘Umar bin ‘Abdil-‘Azeez are put in authority over us in the likes of these times [the 8th Century Hijrah], let alone the likes of Abu Bakr and ‘Umar. Rather, our rulers are in accordance with our (nature) and the rulers of those before us were in accordance with their (nature).

Now, people who either have no fiqh or lack sincerity or who are simply ignorant usually tend to dismiss the rather obvious Sunnah of Allah explained above precisely because it is not the answer they want or it goes against their desires. People in such conditions will then decide to dismiss these very fundamental facts. Part of this dismissal of theirs lies in the very worldview I’ve just mentioned above, that being that their hawaa is looking for the quick fix whereby what needs to change are those things beyond their own selves. The extent of ignorance will be noticed when whoever receives this information will presume that whoever voices these facts are “legitimizing the ruler” or “supporting them” or “supporting kufr legislation“. The point here is that this topic goes far beyond the base and agreed upon issue of kufr and tawheed with regards to the hukm and the particularities that go with the topic. Thus this has nothing to do with legitimizing anything but to explain the source of the problem from which a cure can be recognized in the foreseeable future.

Fourth: The second part of the answer to this particular fragment of the question lies in the very Iraadah of Allah and His Qadhaa.

Allow me to explain just a bit. Allah says in the Qur’an

And Allah puts forward the example of a township, that dwelt secure and well content; its provision coming to it in abundance from every place, but it (its people) denied the Favours of Allah (with ungratefulness). So Allah made it taste the extreme of hunger (famine) and fear, because of what they used to do. (An-Nahl 16:112)

The mufasiroon explain this verse to be in reference to Makkah in its origin, but that it is a general rule and pertains to all inhabitations. Thus, amn (security) and rizq (provision) is provided by Allaah, and when His favors are rejected through shirk (polytheism), kufr (disbelief), bid’ah (innovation), and ma’siyah (sin, disobedience), then that amn and rizq turns to khawf (fear) and joo’ (hunger, poverty).

Once this is established (and this is only one of many verses which firmly establish this Divine law and whatever follows on from it), there now comes the issue of the ways and means through which such fear (khawf) and hunger/poverty (joo’), the opposites of amn and rizq reaches the people. And Allaah is the doer of whatever He wills, He can bring upon fear, hunger and poverty through whatever ways He wishes, be that through famine, be that through war, be that through repressive political structures, be that through the interplay of unfair economic activity between nations, be that through defeat or colonization by another nation, be that through removal of the Sharee’ah laws which guarantee amn (safety) and adl (justice) and protection of one’s blood, wealth and honour, or be that through an oppressive tyrannical ruler as a recompense for the deeds of the servants (in order that they may return) and so on. Those who deny the favours of Allaah through ungratefulness are taken by istidraaj (gradual, imperceivable onset of punishment) as is mentioned in the Qur’an, and this too will have its associated multitude of ways and means through which it is effected and which only Allaah knows.

One of the summarizing features of this particular point mentioned above is that from an uboodiyyah aspect, we are in the condition and situations that we are in because somehow and in some way, we are deserving of this condition. People with a temper or who simply act upon their desires who may reject this by saying “how could you say such a thing” then we utilize a common saying among the scholars which is “the reality of a thing is known by its opposite“. In light of this, if we say that “we are NOT deserving of this situation“, then what comes as a necessary result is that we would be implicating Allah with injustice. From the language of the Arabs, justice is defined as “putting things in their proper place” and it has no extreme, it only has an opposite and its opposite is oppression.

The Muslims of the past have experienced parallel hardships that we face today.

Ibn Sa’d relates in his Tabaqaat al-Kubraa (7/163-165):

A group of Muslims came to al-Hasan al-Basree seeking a verdict to rebel against al-Hajjaaj. So they said, “O Abu Sa’eed! What do you say about fighting this oppressor who has unlawfully spilt blood and unlawfully taken wealth and did this and that?” So al-Hasan said, “I hold that he should not be fought. If this is a punishment from Allaah, then you will not be able to remove it with your swords. If this is a trial from Allaah, then be patient until Allaah’s judgement comes, and He is the best of judges.” So they left al-Hasan, disagreed with him and rebelled against al-Hajjaaj – so al-Hajjaaj killed them all. Al-Hasan used to say, “If the people had patience when they are being tested by their unjust ruler, it will not be long before Allaah will give them a way out. However, they always rush for their swords, so they are left with their swords. By Allaah! Not even for a single day did they bring about any good.

Finally, just to end this point before moving forward, I just want to iterate one more essential outline from the famed Ibn Abil-Izz al-Hanafi as occurs in Sharh Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah (1/430):

أما لزوم طاعتهم وإن جاروا فلأنه يترتب على الخروج من طاعتهم من المفاسد اضعاف ما يحصل من جورهم بل في الصبر على جورهم تكفير السيئات ومضاعفة الأجور فإن الله تعالى ما سلطهم علينا إلا لفساد أعمالنا والجزاء من جنس العمل فعلينا الإجتهاد في الإستغفار والتوبة وإصلاح العمل قال تعالى <<وما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم ويعفو عن كثير>> وقال تعالى <<أو لما أصابتكم مصيبة قد أصبتم مثليها قلتم أنى هذا قل هو من عند أنفسكم>> وقال تعالى <<ما أصابك من حسنة فمن الله وما أصابك من سيئة فمن نفسك>> وقال تعالى <<وكذلك نولي بعض الظالمين بعضا بما كانوا يكسبون>> فإذا أراد الرعية أن يتخلصوا من ظلم الأمير الظالم فليتركوا الظلم وعن مالك بن دينار أنه جاء في بعض كتب الله أنا الله مالك الملك قلوب الملوك بيدي فمن أطاعني جعلتهم عليه رحمة ومن عصاني جعلتهم عليه نقمة فلا تشغلوا أنفسكم بسب الملوك لكن توبوا أعطفهم عليكم

And as for adhering to obedience to them (the Rulers), even if they commit oppression, then this is because the evils and harms that arise on account of rebelling against them is numerous times more than that which occurs as a result of the oppression of the Rulers themselves. Rather, in having patience over their oppression there is expiation of sins, and a multiplication of the reward.

For Allaah did not empower them over us, except due to the corruption in our actions, and the recompense for an action is its like (al-jazaa’u min jins il-‘amal). Hence, it is upon us to strive (ijtihaad) in seeking forgiveness, making repentance and rectification of our actions.

Allaah the Most High said, “And whatever affliction befalls you, then it is from what your hands have earned, yet He pardons many.” (42:30), and He, the Most High said, “If a calamity befell you (the believers),[your enemies] were inflicted with twice as much, but you said, “Where did this(calamity) come from?” Say: It has come from your own selves.” (3:165), and He the Most High said, “And whatever evil befalls you, then it is from your own soul.” (4:79), and He the Most High said, “And thus do we turn some of the oppressors against others on account of what they used to earn.” (6:129).

Hence, if the subjects (of a state) wish to save themselves from the oppression of the tyrannical ruler, then let them abandon oppression themselves. And from Malik bin Deenaar (who said) that it has come in some of the (previous revealed) Books of Allaah:

“I am the King of the dominion, the hearts of the kings are in my Hand. So whoever obeyed me, I made them (the kings) a mercy over him, and whoever disobeyed me, I made them a vengeance upon him. So do not occupy yourselves with reviling the kings, but rather repent and I will make them compassionate upon you.”

Now remember, ALL of this is to exemplify the fact that the change of the situation of the ummah is going to have to be a fundamental change of ourselves. As I said ALL of this creation revolves around us and what affects the creation, including the land and the seas, is based on what we do or don’t and the consequences that come as a result of them. Therefore I say all of the above to help us understand where our mindset must be before moving forward, because if we differ in this fundamentally within ourselves by thinking that this mindset is tantamount to ineptitude, then we will continue to be in the loophole of nowhere and continuing to fix our problems through external means in the same manner that the kuffar do.

Now, as for the second part of that question

If ‘ulama got together to produce a strategy to spread the religion, they will be gathered and tortured on false accusations for allegedly planning to overthrow the ruler.

Outside of the fact that actualizing the realities laid above as a reply to the initial part of the question which basically should teach us and our ulema how we behave in times such as these, it is my opinion that there are several ways to deal with such a situation. Each way would depend on the country, the type of criminal leader it is, the atmosphere (urf) etc. One way is that there is no need to “hide”. This may only be applicable to maybe a couple of countries since other countries would require hiding the dawah. But if the scholar does not fear anything, then it would only make sense that they would openly invite some of the agents of whatever despot is in power. One of the basis of the despot is fear of being over thrown. If the teacher is simply geared towards guiding the people to the pleasure of Allah while showing that he is not trying to undermine the despot, then maybe some progress could be made and Allah knows best.

As for those places where the dawah is to be kept hidden, then I would say to do so while hiding. BUT, even in hiding, it would be best to keep the same focus as the one who is openly giving dawah. WHY? Because of their infamous spies. If spies enter the vicinity of the teachers halaqat, and they see that the teacher or shaykh is not trying to undermine the authority, then they don’t really have anything to report back on.

Or, if its really that bad, leave. That is what hijrah is for. Hijrah is not just leaving from the lands of the kuffar to the lands of the muslims, it entails leaving from the lands of corrupt fasaad of the Muslims to one that is less than that. Everything depends on the person, urf, the leaders, etc and thus there is no one particular way to deal with the issue due to the multiplicity of nations.

Remember, change for US as an Ummah happens from the bottom UPWARDS, it is a grass roots phenomenon. Thus the people of the sunnah are fixated on the actual cure. When the halaqaat of the teachers are centered on changing the ummah from the TOP DOWNWARDS, then understand that this is contrary to the mission of the Messengers, contrary to what actually happened in Makkah and then to Madinah, and this is analogous to someone who approaches a coke machine, shaking the machine in order to make the coke come out, and failing or even dismissing the thought or anyone who informs him that they have to concentrate on the primary mission which is to simply to make the effort of depositing the money into the machine in order to get the result that is desired.

As for the next part of that question

And if people think of ways to industrialize the nation – they won’t ever have enough funds because most of the resources are being taken by the west (or corporations) and money being given to the rulers only.

This process does not even take place until we have been favored by Allah with a just ruler. However, even in the mean time, there can be periods of planning.

The reason why the resources are usurped by the west is because the strategy of western imperialist is based on deregulation and open markets. Because of these policies, all of the infrastructure benefits is simply routed to western entities and into the pockets of the elite among the country in question. I am not an advocate for socialism, but because Islam is its own legal system and ideological entity of its own, our policies are based on real, pragmatic, just, balanced, and logical processes. In this case I would say that the national resources of a nation belongs to the people. It does not belong to a land owner. I don’t mean by this the land owner who grows crops. What I mean by resources are those things like minerals, oil, gas, natural water etc. When these things are nationalized, then the policies that are formed in regulation of them is to ensure that the people are not screwed out by others who desire to benefit from the resources, rather both sides must be beneficiaries.

Question 2:

If Muslims do somehow make their own state and refuse funds from the west, they will probably be pressurised or fought until they are forced to get loans with interest. 

So what really is the solution for them? They can’t get loans, so they are poor, which means no industry. They are also fought or boycotted, which again means no industry/money. What can they then do to become self sufficient, and expand?

Everything that I am about to say is simply theoretical at best precisely because we haven’t really covered, much less mastered the initial problem and ways to adopt the solution as provided in the reply to the first question. But in the event this does take place, then the way I would see us getting out of this predicament you described would be somewhat of the following

1. The one who will be in charge must not waiver, or even care about international pressure to accept western funding. It must not even phase the one in charge. They must not bow down to international pressure.

2. The ummah or the “state” in this case does NOT need funding from any place IF they understand that the current western money system is a fiat system that is essentially created by nothing and it is based on debt. Since monies is a state system, then the Muslim state MUST vest the power to create money in government and to bring the power of enforcement to keep it “free money” and not that any institution has the power to regulate its value. The reason why the western world is in the rut that it is in with the rule of their fascist corporataucracy and plutocratic rule is because they have stripped the power to create money from government and assigned this power to private banksters. This MUST NOT be the model of the Muslim state, rather the power to create money has to be given ONLY to the state. It cannot be given to bankers. Once this is realized, then the state will have its own money with which to fund their operations, investments, and every day muamalaat of the people.

In light of this, the enemies of Islam will try to depreciate the value of our money with the devils deception of “speculators”. So the Muslim state must essentially nullify the power of speculators and must not allow for speculators to some in and do what they do with our money because this is how and why the current EU crisis came about. So to hell with the speculators. I can outline more on the topic, but Im actually compiling a work in response to someone who claimed that the salafis have not offered anything fruitful on the subject, so in light of that claim, I have decided to take up the challenge. It is long and I will not highlight these here so you will just have to wait till I come out with it inshallah.

In terms of self sufficiency and expansion, the way this takes place in today’s world is through investment in infrastructure primarily at home, and likewise abroad. If we invest in infrastructure in other countries, this is a fadhl for both them as well as the Muslims. We also expand the social structure of the society. I don’t necessarily believe in state controlled education, but we invest in all types of social programs and allowing for the people to form their own societal communities. When the state controls education, then that is when it transforms from education to indoctrination.

Now, what is the underlying basis of all of this. The basis for all of this is that the underlying asl that is emphasized in the Qur’an is that the “wealth” is CIRCULATED. There is no baraka at all when the wealth is simply tied up in the hands who have it. The only way a nation thrives economically is to keep the money rolling, exchanging. This essentially destroys “oligarchy” and oligarchical rule.

If we want to see a practical example, just look at the policies of the current European countries versus Russia. The decrepit slime-balls that make up the ruling establishment of the eurozone ALL promote “austerity”. Outside of the fact that the manhaj of austerity is based on the fact that the banks got their countries into debt through their plunder, and now the people have to pay the price by paying the banks back, and they do this through austerity. Outside of this, what austerity really means if we were to depict it is basically slow choking a human. If you were to grab a human and choke them slowly, eventually after a while the human becomes a corpse. That is exactly what austerity is. Now, Lets look at Putin’s Russia. Unlike the vermin that control the Triangle of Evil, that is the Washington establishment, Wall Street, and the City of London and the vermin who are loyal to the city of London and Paris and Brussels, Putin in the face of slight debt, he expands government spending, mostly in infrastructure projects ranging from dams, highways, oil development and enrichment, and he even began to open up the space program. All of this produces the following

1. jobs

2. wealth

3. technologies

4. advancement

5. good relations

6. And finally, when all of these things take place in the society and it benefits other societies, and the people are happy or at least satisfied with their government, the final output of all of this, is peace. Peace! When this is accomplished, who knows what nations would enter the fold of Islam without even the picking up of one sword. Of course I’m not discouraging Jihad since I wish I could end my life in such a fate, but Im speaking hypothetically here. When the entire nation of Indonesia entered Islam, on what basis they became Muslim. It was of course through our dawah, but it was the result of our actions, through mutual and beneficial trade for both entities. We didn’t cheat them.

Question 3:

Do you believe the world will become bi-polar soon? Will such a nation have advantages for Islamic leadership in the near future? 

Yes, wallahul-alim. I don’t know about soon. The sooner we as Muslims realize everything I have outlined in the reply to the first question, then the sooner the Muslim nation can begin to be an equal or even a force that others would hesitate or not even think about having a field day with us.

However, the world is already shifting towards a multi-polar world as we speak, with Russia being the head of it. I say this because Russia has been rising and China has been rising and because they have formed the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). This SCO is becoming an alternative to the Nato/UN world that was the dominant and overriding affair for the past two decades. It is becoming more so relevant to the central Asian, and all of the asian countries. Pakistan wants in which is why they have observer status. Iran wants in, but they can’t get in because of their sanctions, India wants in. Because of this SCO, cooperation within these countries has to strengthen and when it strengthens, it becomes a greater challenge to U.S. hegemony.

Right now, the U.S. is currently trying to break this alliance in order to maintain their supremacy and to keep the countries answerable and subservient to their interest, and one of the ways it is doing so is through al-Qaeda and or other organizations that are on the “terrorists” list. Remember, we Americans have absolute psychopaths who control the government, people who are outside of reality, not just egotistical, but eviltistical. In their psychopathic thinking, one of their adopted methodologies is to control two or all sides of any given conflict. What better way to keep your puppets in check by threatening them with destabilization through their proxies like al-Qaeda. Any state that bucks to our demands will face our imperial consequences. There is a set route to this that ranges from the propaganda war, cyber security, etc. Terrorism is used as a second to last resort. If terrorism does not work from their networks, then the last thing on the list is war, and since they have to trick their American public, they don’t call it “war” no more particularly under the Obama administration, they call it “humanitarian intervention“. If the “humanitarian intervention” does work like it did in Libya, then it is fine. If it doesn’t like in Syria, then the next step is military intervention.

Now, I know I’m making wide sweeping analysis here, but in the realm of geo-politics, the particularities doesn’t really count for much for example the intentions of various groups or individuals. The question that geo-politics is concerned with is “why” and how” and “for what”. It deals with the world ramifications of an event. When we see things from this grand chess board, then this should make us understand with greater depth the truths mentioned in the initial reply given to the first question above.

I would also include in this the rise of other potential powers the B.R.I.C countries of which include Brazil, Russian, India, and China.


The answer to the 1st question makes practical sense.

In regard to the 2nd question, it also makes sense if the state has security. But we know that the state of affairs is different, i.e. Air attacks are common against Islamic ruled territories, which means no security. How can a nation invest in infrastructure if they are continuously attacked by opposition Air forces? They have no security within their own territories, so not much money to invest and circulate.

Do you mean the U.S. sanctioned drone attacks on Pakistan?

I know it is hard especially for the Pakistanis in Pakistan and the cretins in Washington with their abhorable arrogance to claim that the drone bombings are “good for the Pakistani people“.

Here is my “opinion”. Firstly, the Marine corp has developed a code of ethics in terms of pragmatic actions to anyone’s or group’s situation. It is the acronym “S.M.E.A.C. which means

S Situation

M Mission

E Execution

A Administration and Logistics

C Command and communications

So the first thing in my view, for anyone living in their respective Muslim country is to assess their situation. Since Im not there, I cannot say for certain but Im sure it would go along the lines of being

poor, low, have no influence. etc. Im sure others can say that they are not so poor, or in fact are pretty rich or have some influence. Each person does what they can do and nothing more. We are all a cog in a machine, in our machine is Islam and we are the collective (jama’ah).

In this situation, the first thing you do is to work with what you have while having conscienceness of observing the hudood of Allah Subhaanahu. That is because everything done in the realm of haraam looses baraka. So performing things that are not legislated and fall outside the fold of ahlu-sunnah is not going to establish the most ahsan

type of result, but maybe be mediocre at best. Nevertheless one does what they can do. So for example, if your in Pakistan, support your local leaders whose calls are based on observing the shariah and supporting it. Im not a fan of the democratic process and this process is absolutely ineffective in the west and some of the european countries. However, in places like Pakistan, they somewhat work better than here.

Second, is that the people need to be trained to understand that the U.S. ruling establishment has absolutely no regard, much less respect for Pakistan or any other non anglo aligned power. So whoever is among the people of repute and authority, in some way or form, they have to be trained in this line of thinking. They cannot go into the corridors of power and have this 1930’s perception of America in 2012. Everyone who is NOT an American HAS to understand that everyone under the sky is expendable and does not count and that their value in the eyes of the American establishment is to the extend of what they provide for the benefit of U.S. interests. The moment any “friend” falls beyond the periphery of U.S. interests is subject to replacement.

Thirdly, it is likewise imperative that the battle that is the true battle for now, is the battle against imperialism, particular U.S. imperialism. If whoever comes in to power seeking alliances with them and not having this perception of reality is basically selling out the populace while they remain in the dark. Usually this is the case, they are kinda naive. Now, for some countries where the rulers have become proteges of puppetry whereby such puppetry has kept their populace in peace, then it is best to keep that status quo NOT to simply validate this oppression, but to ensure that nothing worse is instituted and the prevention of chaos. In such countries, and they constitute couple of the gulf states, then for residents there, they should work with what they have and progress further in the domination of Islam. Simply working for rebellion will actually be counter productive and will put us more behind the schedule.

The same for residents in other countries, they should work with what they have and work progressively forward in the establishment of making the word of Allah uppermost and the sunnah the dominating affair.

Lastly, the most imperative of all. In light of all of the above, whoever does take the reigns of power and becomes the leader or a group of people are in power, they must recognize that the ultimate fight due to todays current dynamic will be one against finance capital. In Western secular democracies, it is understood by those who are aware that the central theme of government is nothing more than the battle against finance capital. In other words, the purpose of government in the kuffaric system is to subdue and possibly conquer the lynching power of finance capital. Whoever does not recognize this, is a complete dupe and a fool, ignorant, and have their heads in the sand.

Originally the Muslim states was not defined by this degenerate outlook on the purpose of government, and rightly so. But because the world is dominated by western power and the financial institutions of the world are partially or absolutely based on western finance, then anyone coming into power in the Muslim world will by default have to deal with finance capital, and in light of this horrific affair, they must realize that government is the battleground between people and finance capital.

Thus the people who are promising individuals who would be slotted into power in Muslim countries must be people who do not bow to bribery. That is because bribery is the first and ultimate step to imperialism and they do this with their economic hitmen. However, because the nature of the Muslim populace, particularly in the Arab world is as the great Mujahid Abdullah Azzam said

Trust! Security!…The Arab, in America, if his business is about to fail, he would burn down his factory, go to the insurance company, tell them that his factory was burned down, and he would rake in the million dollars that he had insured his factory with.

Then we shouldn’t be surprised that once one of us from the common people, who is generally like the nature of this description above as stated by Abdullah Azzam, who rises to power is going to succumb and accept the bribery and thereby collude with the system of imperialism.

I guess in a short and concise and raw form of justice, we get what we are. We have abandoned the Amaana that has been outlined in the Qur’an and Sunnah and was explained in depth by Hudhayfah ibnul-Yamaan as well as Shaykhul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah. If we have crippled our duty to the Amaana, I don’t see how anyone who rises to power who come from the same people will somehow miraculously be the upholder of the Amaana and thereby the hudood of Allah particularly if his own people don’t.

Let me stop on that tangant and get back on track.

So do you think this state of affairs will continue until the world becomes bi/tri-polar? Even if it did become bi-polar, do you think the New world order will successfully maintain its dominance against Islamic lands in totality? Will there remain an increasing amount of forces within Muslim lands which are not subservient?

Well, it will continue to be the case until we change ourselves and then have patience that Allah will then change our condition because we initially changed ourselves. Outside of this basic fact, Im not to sure because because there are ways to read the texts of the Sunnah in light of the subject. According to reading some of the texts, it seems like things will get a lot more worse before the change that is necessary will come.

Secondly, I don’t think that numbers are as crucial. History, especially in Islam, failed to give credence to numbers. It was only a couple of dozen companions who basically transformed the world and from their efforts, Allah kept the ummah in tact for a few centuries. The same with the Mahdi when he comes. It will only be a few who are with him.

Thirdly, if Allah favors us due to our change and He grants us Khilaafah again, then NWO dominance will by default cripple because as I said from the get go, their power has nothing to do with them per se, it all lies upon us and what we do towards the fulfillment of the Amaana and the necessary change that must take place to reach that goal so that we don’t remain ignorant and oppressive regarding the Amaana.

What follows was stated as a comment

We need to act first.A ummah with curropt leaders, scholars who lack the reality of the waaqi’ or true knowledge of the situation, are the main reasons why the ummah is stuck in this gutter.

I think this was the very point I was expressing in terms of correcting the way we understand islaah

. The islaah that the ummah is in need of is the islaah that starts from the bottom UPWARDS, not from the top downwards. We can blame corrupt leaders and scholars all we want, but at the end of the day, these corrupt wretches come from the same class of people that they were raised among i.e. us. They do what they do because we do what we do. There is no “change” that takes place when the corrupt among the people overthrow the corrupt among their leaders and somehow expect that another who takes their place will miraculously not be corrupt. They come from the same families, same tribes, as you and I.

Here is the most over defining hujjah that Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’ala has explained in the Book when He said

وَعَدَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا مِنكُمْ وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ لَيَسْتَخْلِفَنَّهُمْ فِي الْأَرْضِ كَمَا اسْتَخْلَفَ الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِهِمْ وَلَيُمَكِّنَنَّ لَهُمْ دِينَهُمُ الَّذِي ارْتَضَىٰ لَهُمْ وَلَيُبَدِّلَنَّهُم مِّن بَعْدِ خَوْفِهِمْ أَمْنًا ۚ يَعْبُدُونَنِي لَا يُشْرِكُونَ بِي شَيْئًا ۚ وَمَن كَفَرَ بَعْدَ ذَ*ٰلِكَ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الْفَاسِقُونَ

Allah has promised those among you who believe and do righteous good deeds, that He will certainly grant them succession (khilaafa) in the land, as He granted it to those before them, and that He will grant them the authority to practise their religion which He has chosen for them (i.e. Islam). And He will surely give them in exchange a safe security after their fear (provided) they (believers) worship Me and do not associate anything (in worship) with Me. But whoever disbelieves after this, they are the Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).

( سورة النور , An-Noor, Chapter #24, Verse #55)

Subhaanallah, this is the most decisive ayaah that proves why we are where we are at.

FIRST, Allah states that WHEN we believe AND do the righteous actions i.e. those things that we are required to do or to abstain from, THEN He will grant us “khilaafa” in the land, just as He did to those before us. NOT a moment before. Subhaanallah. Today, we assume the opposite, that we must correct the issue of tahhakum

first before anything else, and sadly this was advocated by the misguided soul Anwar al-Awlaki and others may Allah forgive of him, them, and us.

It does not end there. Allah continues by saying that if we believe (and believing here is to purify our beliefs from the corruptions that have entered into our thought and this comes from so many routes and angles it is almost innumerable. It includes the mass paganism that takes place and Egypt and other places where millions of people make hajj to other places of awthaan (idols) among the tawagheet. It also includes correcting our views on eman and kufr, correcting how we view Allah, everything that falls under the realm of our aqeedah, including finding ease and being pleased with the qadr of Allah Subhaanahu, for when we show aversion to what He has placed us in, then we have defiled our belief and have taken the path of the kuffar in this.)

and do the righteous deeds (and this entails everything pertaining to abstaining what is known to be haraam in the deen and finding comfort in remaining within the hudood of Allah Subhaanahu. This is because as the Imaams have mentioned, righteousness is not fully defined by the application of good deeds but it is more defined by the abandonment of evil and corrupt deeds, and this is the asl of righteousness.)

Then He will grant us Khilaafah. Then after which Allah says once this is fulfilled, Then He will grant us AMN i.e. Safety and Security. This Amn is a fabric that forms in a true Muslim society. Then Allah built this reality on the CONDITION that we worship Him without shirk.

Now, the question here is under what auspice do we currently as an ummah NOT have this reality for us. If the answer in our own heart still remains that it is the fault of the leaders (or scholars), then we wind back up to square one. This in programming language is called a “while loop” statement. But in our circumstance, this is a never ending while loop statement. That is, because if we continue on with this concept in our minds, then we continue to direct our efforts of islaah towards those things that WONT be related to “changing our condition” thereby cementing our condition for our future generation, and as time flies, we grow more disillusioned until we wake up with the Qur’anic facts presented above.

Now, keeping this stipulation of tawheed to Allah alone in mind, let us have a small review of the state of tawheed in the Egyptian state. There is not much to be said other than the facts that there exist a network of awthaan (places of idolatry) existing in the state of Egypt, among them being the shrine of Ahmad al-Badawi who came from a family of Alawi Baatiniyyah. We can add to this mix of shrines the one attributed to Ibrahim Dasuqi. 2 million people celebrate not just the milad of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but to celebrate the milad of Ahmad Badawi ar-Rifaa’i. Millions of people in Egypt are under the structures of organized polytheism similar to the societal polytheism of India.

How do we expect for the Tawheed of Rububiyyah to be fulfilled in terms of His Haakimiyyah, when the very asl of Tawheed, that of ‘Uboodiyyah, in which the Messengers came to rectify and war over is in direct line of absolute violation.

May Allah help us all and guide us to His Siraat al-Mustaqeem


Also Vailable in PDF: The Current Geo-Political Paradigm, Uni-Polarism Vs Multi-Polarism, The Muslim Condition, and A More Viable Solution Based on the Prophetic Guidance to Social Reform