A Study on the Doctrinal Haywire Regarding the Eternality of Hellfire and the Accusations Brought upon Ibn Taymiyyah

I had did some research some time ago on the topic which was brought to birth due to a discussion that took place on a modernist forum several months ago. From the research that was produced, I compiled it into a pdf. The research still requires further study and translation. It is just that I did not have time to complete it. However due to the issue rising to the surface for some people and others having personally contacted me on clarity of the topic, I felt that what I had needed to at least be publicaly available to the audience for which I hope that I or someone else could continue to bring further elaboration and or tahqeeq on the issue.

One issue in which I still was thirsty for further elaboration on as an explanation on a hadeeth brought by the Imaam of Hadeeth, Abd bin Humayd al-Kissi rahimahullah that is the basis of the subject and is the basis for which Ibnul-Qayyim somewhat raises the issue regarding the punishment for the people of hellfire.

Some of the people of heresy among the sufis and Ash’aris have usurped this kerfuffle as a basis to impugn Ibn Taymiyyah of holding to the belief that the hellfire ends.

So I hope that we could produce a refurbished second edition or someone else would be able to perform a greater analysis of the topic and success comes from Allah.

We hope everyone benefits from the research

Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibnul-Qayyim on the People of Hell