The Despicable Derelict of Duty of the Salafi Manhaj of Abu Aadam Jameel Finch and Hizbi Counterfeit Salafis: A Reply to His Scandalous Explanation of “Thrown Off the Manhaj”

I initially held back from replying to this nonsense, but due to its nonsensical nature, I felt it needs a reply, but a reply worthy of exposing its absurd claims.

Finch writes

To the intelligent, sharp and intellectual Muslim. Understand that the terms ‘you’ll get thrown of the manhaj,’ ‘you’ll be off it,’ etc… are detached from reality. In reality, no one ‘throws anyone off the manhaj;’ rather, it is a person’s own statements or actions that ‘throw them of the manhaj.’

Yes, in reality, No one is thrown off the manhaj, rather it is a person’s own statements or actions that detaches them from the manhaj of the salaf. However, the openly and easily understood statement of “being thrown off the manhaj” has nothing to do with people throwing people off the manhaj as is utilized by the people who say the phrase, rather the intent of the phrase is understood by anyone who has a brain that it implicates the cult followers (i.e. the hizbis) of salafitalk and related hizbi like institutions of non learning of operating their Islam as “manhaj cops” who take it upon themselves to validate the salafiyyah of any individual who in their warped, belligerent and utterly ignorant pigeon-holed world, that such a person is “not clear” to them. The only thing here that is detached from reality are people who innovated this concept of being “clear”, a concept by which Shaykh Khaalid ar-Raddadee exposes as an innovated manhaj by which everyone on the planet who knows anything related to the affairs of the salafi manhaj knows that this innovation was created and formed by the hizbi methodological structure of SPUBS, Troid, Salafitalk and related institutions of cult like behavior.

Continues Finch

When a hadeeth scholar calls a narrator da’eef (1), it’s because his has a poor memory or he is a liar, etc… When a scholar calls a man a takfeeree (2), it’s because he makes takfeer. When a scholar calls a man a Raafidee (3), it’s because he curses the Companions. When a scholar calls a man misguided, it’s because [that man’s] statements are not in accordance with the Qur`aan and Sunnah. When a scholar calls a man a hizbee (4), it’s because he loves and hates for other than the sake of Allaah – and so forth.

This is a perfect example whereby an aspect of general truth is utilized to apply a specific baatil reality. We all understand that scholars have a legal authority to do this. Here is the problem between this general truth stated above, and the specific nature that people afflicted with the innovations of salafitalk and related institutions format their own version of the salafi dawah.

1. WHILE scholars have the legal sanction by Allah to perform these actions, the scholars who perform jarh and t’adeel are not statements that form a hujjah by necessity because their statements are not wahi. There are scores of examples pertaining to the history of the Imaams of jarh wa t’adeel where their over arching statements were highly considered to be correct and in reality their statements were in fact incorrect.

One modern day example is the ludicrous absurdity of SPUBS and company who published Ubayd al-Jabiree’s inconsequential statement about someone who is likewise inconsequential to the dawah, that being Abu Usaamah adh-Dhahabee, of being a “Raafidhi” and a Surooree.

Nobody took this jarh of Ubayd because for one, Ubayd is nobody in the realm of jarh wa t’adeel, and two, no one from the people of knowledge has probably even heard of this jarh, and I can guarantee that they have no regard for it either.

So the realm of jarh wa t’adeel is extremely detailed and rich of content, the likes of which you, nor most of the counterfeit salafis have even traversed the intricacies of the subject matter whatsoever or studied it with a qualified and trained individual nor have they given you any license and permission to speak on the topic.

2. Furthermore, if the warped theories and wahm of the counterfeit salafis was not enough pertaining to how to understand the nature of the statements of jarh wa t’adeel carried out by the Aimah of Islam, then what really puts the cherry on top is the fact that nobody in the “clear salafi world” (that is mostly here in America, and fringe pockets of people in other places as opposed to the vast majority of salafis world wide) do not even conform or restrict themselves to the statements of the scholars in the first place.

In other words, the counterfeit salafis take it upon themselves to perform these nonsensical condemnations of groups, individuals, or Imams of local masaajid, or du’at whom none of the scholars have made jarh of, and then these jahil hizbis perform the jarh themselves.

Finch ends his reply with

“So, the intelligent Muslim should be aware of this and he should feel pity for those who use these feeble terms: ‘you’ll get thrown of the manhaj,’ etc, as they are only mimicking the void statements of others. The intelligent one also realizes that these are nothing but cowardly, indirect pop-shots. Allaah knows best.

These are pop shots the likes of which dwarf in comparison to the spectacle of tabloid cult sectarianism of “clear” salafis who, in their campaign to find an angel among the humans, deliver pop shots like “your a hizbi” or “Abu Taubah is off of it because of” and then states their ignorant understanding of why he is off of it. Other pop shots like “he’s a deviant” and “he’s a mubtadi”, all of course which has absolutely no precedent among any qualified person of knowledge , are all much graver in scope than the “pop shot” of “be careful, you might get thrown off the manhaj

Whatever has come about of this as false and in opposition to the hukm of Allah, then it is my fault and or that of shaytan’s, and whatever is correct in the material above, is totally from the fadhl of Allah Subhaanahu

Asalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wa barakaatuhu