Revisionist Ideologies In Light of Islam

I deeply apologies to the audience for not being productive on the site. I have been extremely busy and will continue to be while producing less than before. However, part of this was due to working on this project for the longest time and I have comppleted it for the most part and edited as much as possible with the least amount of mistakes I can possibly issue.

The english speaking world among the mainstream sunnis were gasping for something pivotal in their polemics against the modernist of Islam, and so in light of this atmosphere, I produced the following work

Modernism has absolutely nothing to do with “getting with the times”. The people who advocate this idea are simply deprived of any knowledge. Modernism in this field is what many academics have coined as “a break from tradition” of which can entail being against religious, political, or social views. There are other clausal appelations that can be applied to all or most modernists of the world and some of them can actually be applied to people who are targeted in this present work.  Aspects of modernism include certain principles which consist for example like “modernists believe that reason, not religion, is the final authority”. Likewise, another tenant, which has some reason to it is that they favor humanism over dogma. Of course the problem is in how they perceive what dogma is or what may constitute as dogma and what is humanism. Nevertheless people should never fool themselves or others into adopting the idea that modernism is the result of advancement and progress and technological achievements. There is no intellectual in the western world who would entertain such an idea as the basis of modernism.

However, in this work, I am specifically aligned to elucidate on the concept of revisionism because I personally feel that this term is a more accurate rendition of what the Muslim world means when they address or come across the awkward ideas of these people. However, the details of these terms will follow in the subsequent sections later in this work in order to make clear to the reader the types and forms of revisionist ideologies in order to make easy the manner of classification of concepts.

PDF: Revisionist Ideologies in Light of Islam