Salvage Shariah Project: The Redistribution of Shariah Rulings from Hanbali Jurists in Saudi Arabia

We previously alluded our readers to a post which can be located here Al-Adl: A Saudi Jurisprudential Information Gateway. However all of the information provided for by the Saudi governments website was lost when the site is now no longer available on the net. It contained extremely beneficial knowledge which was researched and elucidated by not only scholars, but jurists in the Saudi courts. I do remember that there was a decree issued by the King a couple months back with regards to websites which deal with issuing verdicts (fataawa). However when this news went around, I went on a campaign to first download everything that this Saudi jurisprudential website was offering. I was able to download every single pdf work they provided and thus I salvaged the information there and due to the site being offline, we will distribute each work in this “Salvage Shariah Project”. So we will retain this title and then label each post with the subject heading of each fiqh/shariah ruling or usoolul-fiqh matter that was researched by this group of scholars in the Kingdom.

The most intriguing aspect of all of this is that the information is all available in English.

so I will Start by providing introduction based material first to outline the “Salvage Shariah Project” series for the benefit of our readers.

Objectives of al-Adl

From the Editor of al-Adl

From the Minister of Justice

The above sources are PDF files one can view or download.