Geo-Political Defining of the Next Decade

One of the most brilliant personalities on the subject of geo-politics is Dr. Webster Tarpley who holds a doctorate in economics and history. He is part of the 9/11 truth movement in exposing the scandalous nature of U.S. involvement of the attack. He has brilliantly explained the underlying tones and realities that for the most part seem not so far fetched and is primarily based on evidential facts as he has done in the following interview as well as other key subjects . Of course, we know that there can never be precise or absolute predictions as to what will occur, yet the following interview is extremely informative regarding the nature behind multifaceted issues of concern.

In this exclusive interview for Prison subscribers, author Webster Tarpley goes into detail on a whole host of historical, financial and geopolitical issues in a bid to outline the major crises, revolutions and wars that will hit the globe over the next decade and shape the future of our world. Tarpley begins by discussing how the Neo-Malthusian ecological extremists in the Obama regime have a shared hatred for science, technology and industry and how they really are contemplating and initiating genocidal measures to thin the human surplus because of their deep-seated ideological impulse, shared by oligarchies throughout the ages, which is to suppress the progress and development of any societal underclass.