U.S. Foreign Policy: A Bi-Product of the Terror Industrial Complex

What is the “Terror Industrial Complex”? In order to understand this phrasal clause, one must go back to President Eisenhower’s farewell speech in the wake of the Kennedy victory for presidency. In his farewell speech, Eisenhower warned the American populace of a proxy government and its clandestine nature of what he termed as the “Military Industrial Complex”.  After World War II, America underwent a hegemonic mindset for the world which basically requires that America be the supreme military might on the planet. While he goes on to aknowledge a type pf necessity for the Americans to have this power, he also warned them of the disastrous implications that this Military Industrial Complex can do to circumvent the essence of the American experience. In order to fully grasp his speech, one can review this simple 2 and a half minute video.

So what is the “Terror Industrial Complex” which we will abbreviate as “TIC” for future reading. Well, just like the massive mega industry that was built on the edifice of maintaining supreme military might, then likewise, the TIC is the industry that is built on the threat of terror, a modern psychological belief that will remain within the aspirations of the western world possibly long after Islam is of a concern to them. Governments acquire power through the thought of threat. So with regards to the TIC, then it is all the military, covert operations, tactical applications in the combat of “terror”. So why are we reporting on this. Well, because we understand that the threat of terror is a farce whose origins was obviously highlighted most in the Bush regime, but was born out of the Reagan regime. It is a clever ploy to perform two realties by those who operate on the side of power with regards to the threat of terror. It enables them to

  1. validates military tactical operations abroad
  2. validates the psychological acceptance of the native peoples to relinquish their perceived rights

The TIC is not something we made up, this comes directly from the horses mouth, General Colin Powell which can be seen here

and one can see the GQ interview here on the bottom of the second page

The full transcript of the interview can be found here

So how are we, as Muslims, to understand the nature of this reality and what ramifications does it have for us and for the future overall. Well, we need to understand that when shaytaanic institutions of bureaucracies are established, it is almost hell on earth to remove them. Once a formal industry is formed and a bureaucracy is made out of such, the ties cannot be undone, which is the sad nature of western politics. From this single reality alone, it seems that this industry, the TIC, is here and is here to stay because it serves more than just warring with Muslims, it has other benefits as well and is a multi-billion, if not, trillion dollar industry.

Adding to this, the nature of these industries only survive on the validity or the cause of what they are designed for. So with the TIC, if there is no more terror, then there is no need for the industry. Well that poses a problem because the nature of non Muslims of this caliber is that they survive on deception and treachery because this would result in millions of jobs lost, billions of dollars to be lost, and they will not see the the end of their billion dollar industry and the power they have amassed in the wake of the threat of terror, and thus if they have to, they will create  terrorists scenarios in order to prove to the populace that their existence (TIC) is essential to public safety.

Based on this single point, I urge the reader to read the following document called “9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA” by the author Webster Tarply, which is a 405 page document detailing the fallacious nature of terrorism and the U.S. synthetic formulation in order to advance certain policies and make them susceptible to the public. The pdf can be found here

So we say to our fellow Muslims that if average non Muslims are not buying into the talking points of the elitists and globalists that form the powers that be since they understand the nature of this farce placed on humanity, then we as Muslims should rise above this simpleton explanation that western governments try to disseminate to us through their PR campaigns. We also have to understand that the application of terror is “blind” and on who “terror” is employed is also blind. What do we mean. We mean that the realm of terror is not biased in the sense that the victim of terror can also be very much like the one who instigates terror and vice versa. What the western world among those in the positions of power and media foreplay try to depict in their news is that terror can only be performed in the body of other than us (meaning the Americans and by that extension, the western world) and terror can only be inflicted to us, but it is not terror when when we form our strategic policy to bomb or invade countries because we don’t like and find some persons or people as barbarians. It is as if the concept of terrorism in the eyes of those who believe in this farce is likewise a racists.