Psy-Ops: The Thematic Core of American Media

We have long awaited to shed some light into this issue for our readers since we initiated the site. In fact, the reports brought out by Military agencies and think tanks exploring the implemented aspects of psychological operations within the American media and target nations was one of the pivotal reasons for launching this site in the first place.

Before continuing to usher in the first in a series of exploratory research into the topic, I ask the reader to review this relevant piece of information.

Our endeavors in research for our readers is, or should be, viewed as institutional analysis. Our information should not be construed as or passed off as “conspiracy theories” as is commonly portrayed by those in the media who have a binary attitude towards American government and media, or are proponents of the propaganda filtration system that makes up American media. The following statement comes from Angela Maria Lungu, Major for the U.S. Army

here is another quote that needs to be reviewed as well.

This chapter outlines critical decision points in the conduct of PSYOP at which supported commanders can influence the PSYOP effort. It also notes that in the modern media environment, PSYOP are among the sensitive areas requiring daily attention from the supported commander. Commanders plan PSYOP to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning and, ultimately, the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.
Psychological operations…have proven to be indispensable…it allowed us to apply a type of power without necessarily having to shoot bullets.

Colonel Andy Birdy, Commander,
1st Brigade Combat Team,10th Mountain Division,
during Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti

Now, everyone should understand that these “psyops” missions is nothing more than the 20th century classic, of which one of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century, Noam Chomsky, rose to academic stardom for, which is manufacturing consent. Chomsky outlines how undemocratic regimes, or those nations who were not founded on the principle of freedom were not really embedded to propaganda, for the use of brute force to quell the populace was the general norm of the time. However, with the creation of the masonic state known as the U.S., its founding principles, as it claims, was to the upholding of liberty and freedom. Thus, those who for the most part reside in the top 0.5 percent of the elite came out with a way to subdue the population not by force, but by the mind. Thus the creation of “public relations” was instituted to achieve this endeavor, which basically is nothing more than a propaganda machine employed by the corporate elite to basically manufacture consent among the public.

In the Military Analysis report, we have here the role of psyops

1-7. To execute their mission, PSYOP Soldiers perform the following five traditional roles to meet the intent of the supported commander:
• Influence foreign populations by expressing information subjectively to influence attitudes and behavior, and to obtain compliance, noninterference, or other desired behavioral changes. These actions facilitate military operations, minimize needless loss of life and collateral damage, and further the objectives of the supported commander, the United States, and its allies.
• Advise the commander on PSYACTs, PSYOP enabling actions, and targeting restrictions that the military force may execute. These actions and restrictions minimize adverse impacts and unintended consequences, attack the enemy’s will to resist, and enhance successful mission accomplishment. PSYOP Soldiers also advise the commander on the psychological effects and consequences of other planned military actions and operations.
• Provide public information to foreign populations to support humanitarian activities, restore or reinforce legitimacy, ease suffering, and maintain or restore civil order. Providing public information supports and amplifies the effects of other capabilities and activities such as civil-military operations (CMO).
• Serve as the supported commander’s voice to foreign populations to convey intent and establish credibility. This ability allows the commander to reach more audiences with less expenditure in resources and time.
• Counter enemy propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and opposing information to portray friendly intent and actions correctly and positively for foreign TAs, thus denying others the ability to polarize public opinion and political will against the United States and its allies.

Now, what are our interests on this topic. It is quite simple. In our view, the view of the Muslims across Africa, the Middle east, and into the Southeast Asia, all of our media is reflective of their foreign imperial masters i.e. America and what will soon be the emerging New World Order as CFR members can attest to. What we have in the Muslims world are the following

1. The current people placed in power in the Muslims world are those who, in their childhood years, were brought to the U.S. for training in different fields in different universities, which we fully know is nothing more than indoctrination camps as even attested by many American intellectuals alike.

2. after placing these secular-indoctrinated individuals in power in the Muslim world, your current foreign policy, while advocating the proliferation of democracy to your own public and the target countries, the implementation of its spread was to ensure the cementing of dictatorial tyranny in order to simply crush Islam, which your pundits, intellectuals, and analysts like to call “Islamic fundamentalism” as if a person with principles is somehow barbaric, backwards, and the usual liberal/progressive rhetoric

3. since the media is controlled by these state representatives of U.S. ambitions, then the advocacy of further assault in the psychological operations would be another tool and mechanism which would shun the public from further acceptance of anything western.

4. The only balance of news offered to the Muslim world was offered by al-Jazeera. That became a problem for western media since the all articulation of western media essentially enters a three filter pot by which the context of the news on ground is lost in the filtration process ending up with American ignorance highlighted here, The Four Syndromes that Result in Western Ignorance, which in turn creates the atmosphere prevalent in today’s social climate in America of “Why they hate us” simply because their own corporate owned media purposefully chooses what can be aired and even what cannot be aired. In the world of objective analysis, to be silent of a matter is just as much, or even more than distortion of the truth itself.

5. In spite of the avenue of al-Jazeera, the purpose of al-Jazeera, its aim and goal is to spread democracy. This was what al-Jazeera was founded upon as was highlighted in an interview with Hugh Miles which can be accessed here. Thus our only major or mainstream channel with regard to the dissemination of information is through the methodology of liberal democracies which essentially cuts the Muslims off from any forum of communication. This reality, in our view, is not by accident, but a well formulated agenda which receives perfect backing and implementation by all state sponsored media outlets.

at any rate, we conclude with one more among a horde of other statements made by leading officials regarding this very topic from Edward Bernays (1891-1995) who is “Father” of modern public relations (PR) and director of the U.S. Committee on Public Information during World War I, on government propaganda, who says quite emphatically

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’‘ :

Source: writing in “Propaganda” from “Food & Water Journal” (1928)

We plan to supply further deductions regarding this already flagrant phenomenon from our perspective God Willing.