Explaining the Entrance to Islam from Other than Islam Through a Modern Day Parallel

I just want to share my further personal sentinment regarding how one’s entrance to Islam OUGHT to be.

Have any of you readers ever seen the Matrix (the first one). Im sure most of us have. If you have not seen it, then I would suggest you watch it, not for just the special effects and plot. But more importantly, the content. Allow me to explain.

Lets insert the pivotal scene I wish to elucidate on

The essence of the story line embedded in the original movie is that neo, like everyone else in the world he was enthralled in, were in reality living in a prison designed as normal life. It was a world pulled over their eyes, designed to cloak the reality of their prison, a prison which can neither be felt, smelled, or heard, or even dreamed of

The dawah of Islam is precisely the manner in which Morpheus, the hacker-mentor of Neo, tried to call Neo to the reality, i.e. Islam. Neo’s inquisitive thought pattern is representative of a person’s purity of heart in yearning to seek the truth of something. This call lead by Morpheus is what inevitably allowed him to explain the reality to Neo.

Now we are at the part where Morpheus sits down with Neo. Almost every statement Morheus says is exactly the very reality Islam performs on the slave and I myself will utilize this film to express this

Morpheus says
Let me tell you why your here. Your here because you know something

So this is the case with every Non Muslim whose fitrah has not corrupted their nature. The fitrah of the slave is what drives the soul to seek or yearn the rightful truth of a matter [fitrah is translated as mans natrual disposition]

So he says
what you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it
and this is exactly the nature of man’s fitrah. They feel that their life has something inherently wrong, but they cannot explain it. A soul without Islam is like a soul given the measurements of a puzzle but without the pieces to actually build it

Now, after Neo subtly answers Morpheus about the Matrix, Morpheus educates Neo about the Matrix. After explaining what the matrix is, Morpheus essentially concludes with

it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth
Neo asks
what truth
Morpheus explains
that you are a slave Neo, like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell, taste, nor touch

Such is the reality of Kufr and the lifestyle of disbelieving ideologies in opposition to the modality of life exemplified by the prophets of God. Tlhe lifestyle of kufr, especially what we have now in todays world, is virtually an enslavement of the mind and soul which is embedded with a mirage of fantasy. The hoax here is that the people are fixated on the fantasy when the world around them makes them think that their fantasy is achievable, when in reality it will leave them in the lurch.

Morpheus says

a prison for your mind

This prison is exactly what Allah explained when he narrated to us the mission of Iblees. The essence of his mission if we break it down into three main points, from which ALL other corrupts and evil stem from IS
1. he will make evil, fair seeming to us i.e. acceptable
2. his call (of making evil as though it was good) will be done from areas where we cannot perceive
3. to remove us from the true mission of our existence, which is the uboodiyyah (worship and servitude to Allah) from our minds.

This is the prison of the mind. There is no force no force on the planet that can transform the mind like Islam.

THEN, Morpheus continues to stress another hard line reality. He says

unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself

Such is the reality of Islam. The one who has not submitted can never know the Islamic reality by our articulation of it to them, rather they have to experience it to know its reality. So while Neo knew the existence of the matrix, which was hearsay, yet he could not understand its reality, likewise is the case with those who hear of Islam and our call. They see the call but cannot fathom its reality.

Now we come to the red pill and blue pill predicament. Morpheus sits with Neo in a juncture of Neo’s life. Morpheus states

This is your last chance, after this, there is no turning back

Neo has to make the ultimate decision. Morpheus offers him the red pill or the blue pill. Morpheus informs him of the blue pill

you take the blue pill, the story ends, and you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe

Such is the reality of someone’s rejection of Islam. they go on about their business and continue to be slaves functioning as a cog in a machine built for the imprisonment of their minds and ultimately their destruction in the afterlife. And so those who reject “believe as they want to be believe” and continue to be the mindless zombies that they were before.

The red pill is representative of one’s acceptance of islam, and in the words of Morpheus, he says

you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

substitute “wonderland” for “Islam” and substitute “rabbit hole” for “the complete servitude of Allah azawajal”

This incident is reflective of the the juncture, the choice where the soul cannot continue until it makes the decision to either enter Islam or not to accept Islam. The reality of denying Islam is embedded in taking the blue pill, for as Morpheus told Neo.

Our dawah is likewise represented in his last words
remember, I only offer you the truth, nothing more

and this is exactly the manner in which Allah commissioned the prophets and is the format of our dawah. We are only sent to warn the people of the truth, nothing more.

The Matrix itself is the very illusion of Iblees.

Now, how does this relate to you my brothers and sisters. It relates to the fact that the message of Morpheus was to involve your whole being, to give up your whole soul and to submit your mind absolutely. There is no “half steppin” here. Neo cannot journey into the truth while remaining in the world where he was at. In order to exit the world where he was at and to enter the depth of the “rabbit hole”, or in this case, Islam, he has to completely subtract himself from the previous world and to completely give himself into the rabbit hole in order to escape the matrix or in our message here, the world of kufr (disbelief).

You cannot fully experience, and therefore appreciate the manner in Islamic concepts and doctrine UNTIL this takes place. Allah supports this parallel that Im bringing in the Qur’an where He says
‘Oh ye who believe, Submit yourselves wholeheartedly” meaning don’t come to this affair of ours without complete submission.

Our orthodox sunni or “salafi” affair is that everything has to be done right. Something is not worth doing if it ain’t done right. We are embedded to quality rather than quantity. I would rather have “a few good men” when the going gets tough then a bunch of guys who can’t perform correctly as their incompetence may result in the destruction of all of us. This is an old marine corp saying.