Chapter from “Revisionist Ideologies in Light of Islam”: Issue 1-The Academic Characteristic of Modern Revisionism explained

Before I embark on addressing the many contentions of modernist and progressive thought against Islam, or as they like to say “your version of Islam”, it is incumbent on me to highlight the essential platitude of theoretical and interpretative gymnastics performed by progressives and modernist alike. I will have to highlight this beacon of darkness in two modalities. The first representation will come from two fundamental or classical sources on the nature of modernist practice, and the second being a modern overview of modernist religious Malpractice of course after elaborating on their ideological framework first, God Willing.

Imam Al-Baihaqi reports that “Isma’eel Al Qadi said:
‘One day I entered upon Al Mu’tadid, one of the Abbasid Khaleefahs, and immediately he showed me a book to read. I found that the author had compiled in it, the strange sayings of every ‘Alim (scholar). So I told the Khaleefah that the author of this book is a heretic. The Khaleefah asked why this was so, and I told him that those sayings were not presented by those scholars as they are presented in this book. He who legalized the Mu’tah marriage did not legalize singing, while he who legalized one action would not legalize another action. Additionally, each ‘Alim has strange opinions, so if one would compile the pitfalls of all the Imams, and adopt them, then the Deen would be lost. The Khaleefah then ordered the book to be burned.”

Imam Al-Awza’i said:
“He who traces the strange opinions of the scholars is out of Islam. You would find a scholar with a lot of knowledge and value, and also with a pitfall. So if a person was to collect the pitfalls of all the scholars and form a new Madhab, then what kind of ‘Ilm (knowledge) would you have?’

These are two precious jewels of the Imaams on the misshape of heresy, particularly the heresy of legalizing everything they want to and prohibiting everything they find problematic that Allah allowed that seems to be a fundamental characteristic and trait of all modernist and progressives.
The quote from Imaam al-Bayhaqi rahimahullah discusses theologically how religion can be flipped and therefore lost under a certain practice, and that practice was highlighted through this methodology.

Similarly, what modernist and revisionist do are exactly the same. They go about reading the pitfalls of Zamakshari, the famous M’utazili scholar, and follow his pitfalls. Likewise, they have adopted the pitfalls of other scholars until they formulated the heresy that they are currently pleased with. If it is not this, then they tried to manipulate reputable scholarly opinions in such a way to formulate a perverted idea. An example of this was someone who utilized the well established Hanbali principle of “everything in worldly life is acceptable to do unless there is a scripture that forbids its practice, and everything in worship is forbidden unless there is a scriptural sanctioning of it”. So this principle was utilized by someone to legalize same sex relations under the covenant of marriage (i.e legalizing same sex marriage) in spite of those who formulated this legal theory were of the opinion that the mere committal of such an act warrants death.

Imam Ahmad explicitly forbade one to look for rukhas and said:
‘If a person were to act on the opinion of people of Kufa in the issue of Wine (Nabidh), and the opinion of people of Madinah in the issue of music, and the opinion of the people of Makkah in the issue of temporary marriage (mut’ah), he would be considered a Fasiq’.

Sulayman al-Taymi said:
‘If you were to take allowances of every scholar, all the evil will be gathered in you’

So as we can see and may be more clearly later on, is the absolute religious malpractice that is being conducted on the part of revisionist. So we can see purely from an academic perspective where is the level of their honesty in this polemic that they involve themselves in against the people of Islam. This is why the Muslim world views the entire revisionist movement as the most corrupt of the people from among those who attribute themselves to the name of Islam.

Moreover, it is this movement in which the liberal democracies of western nations and their allies seek to empower and employ various efforts to pass off as “legitimate” Islam or orthodoxy. The purpose of this is to liberalize the Muslim mind for once it is liberalized, it can then succumb to ambitions of those people who wish to rape their culture and land. A mind that is liberalized to secular notions will virtually have intellectually promiscuous relations with those who have a problem with, or actually war with the revelation and legislations of Allah. We have already clarified some of this infamous ideological warfare in one of Rand’s counter-Islamic propaganda through Cheryl Bernard’s “Civil Democratic Islam” .


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