Ibnul-Juwaynee Annihilates The Secular Liberal Basis of Man Made Legislations

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

asalamu alaikum warahmatullah

When I first came across this quote, I almost melted from the sheer power of his words and what further added a basis for my feeling is how his words are SO RELEVANT to our modern times more so than many statements that are advocated unfortunately today, quite ironic indeed, that someone almost a thousand years ago can bring an intellectual statement more relevant and accurate than over half of today’s population. I forgot to post this long ago when I first came across it so I wish to bring this to the fore inshallah

I present the following for the benefit of the Muslims, the ahlu-sunnah wal-athar to utilize against the people of kufr, secularism, and progressive onslaught against Allah Azawajal and His shariah.

The celebrated Imaam Ibnul-Juwaynee has stated a superb and excellent reality concerning a group of heretics of his time.

In conclusion, whoever thinks that the shariah may be derived from what people agree upon , of reason or from the opinions of wise men, has rejected the shariah and has taken this principle as a means to reject the shariah.
If this is acceptable, then it would be acceptable to stone the unmarried fornicator who commits fornication in our times based on this argument. Likewise it would be permissible to execute a person on the basis of suspicion. Likewise, it would be justifiable to kill a person whom it was feared would betray the ummah if there were signs and indications to that effect. Likewise it would be permissible to increase the rate of zakaah if there appeared to be a need to do so…

These arguments have no strong foundation. If they were to form the foundation of religion then you would find that everyone who has some rational power would take his own ideas and thoughts as shariah and thus ideas and thoughts would take the place of the revelation sent to the messengers. These ideas and thoughts would vary according to time and place, thus the shariah would have no stability
[Al-Ghiyaathi by al-Juwaynee p 220-221]

This is directly referring to democratically inclined ideologies in spite the fact that democracy was not fully formed and its lexical name was not yet known

These words stated over 900 years ago are more than necessary to apply in today’s political, ideological, and academic climate concerning the advocacy of philosophical views pertaining specifically to secular and democratic principles. It is also a proof for the illegitimacy of substituting or replacing the shariah with other than it as a legal code, primarily basing such laws on whims and ideas of people.