Al-Adl: A Saudi Jurisprudential Information Gateway

I was actually searching for some material in research I was currently working on regarding modernists and progressive when I came across an extremely beneficial website that is a Saudi based publications on Shariah and jurisprudence from various reputable authoritative figures of Saudi courts.

I wished to advertise this extremely beneficial publication for two main reasons

1. being that it will serve as a benefit to Muslims

2. It serves as a direct, or indirect, refutation of islamaphobes and modernist alike about the nature of Saudi jurisprudence being some “exclusivist” and “puritanical” version, or my favorite “radical” version of Islamic law. It also serves as a direct refutation of the heresiological groups who claim that the methodology of saudi scholars (salafi) has nothing to do with traditionalist methodologies.

The site is originally in arabic, but they have an English section with many extremely beneficial articles about jurisprudential matters.

One of the things that intrigues me is the highly academic framework in which this publication operates on.

Maybe, in the future, there may be shared efforts between Islamthought and al-Adl for further academic elaboration on fiqh, usoolul-Fiqh, and the shariah overall bi ithnillah