On Ash’ A New Analysis based Website on Neo-Theosophical Polemics

There is a new website concentrated at deciphering the polemics of Ash’aris and their Jahmi rhetoric which is actually a derivative of After reviewing the site, I had to encourage its use due to many misrepresentations presented by the newly arisen Jahmi caller by the name Shaykh Abu Adam an-Nurainji. The cause of their research and study on the topic I believe for the most part was instigated on two situations.

1. The first being the launch of the “sunnianswers” wordpress blog which is a blog owned by Abu Adam the neo ultra Jahmi who accused Ibn Taymiyyah of stating some words of kalaam (theosophical rhetoric) that was actually a quote Ibn Taymiyyah was quoting from the Ash’ari Imaam ar-Raazi. So this Abu Adam proclaimed ibn Taymiyyah an immense deviant for something in which in reality his own Imaam ar-Raazi believed in.

2. Secondly, the in-town Philadelphian Jahmi by the name of Abdur-Rahman as-Sondalaanee who took it upon himself to advocate his garbage methodology of what he mistakenly views as “traditional” Islam and his professing against Ibn Taymiyyah what he knows not. Adding to that his misrepresentation of the idea that ahlu-sunnah have three madhaabs in aqeedah and two madhaabs in kalaam theory that no one on the planet advocated before the fourteenth century hijrah.

It is on account of these two drastically frivolous misrepresentations of these innovators that I believe has marked the cause for the formation of this website, although it is my opinion, however it is a good one based on the chronological events that took place along with the content structure and audience whom the ash’ website has been targeted at.

The Ash’ website I have found has pretty much immensely annihilated the delusions and overall heresies of these neo-Jahmis with raw sunni sources of the Muslim orthodox Imaams and the best part of it all is that much of the refutations are compiled in a single website (base) solely dedicated to this polemic.  They have addressed many, if not all, of the issues that have been raised as a doubt by the heretics to beguile the gullible among the ahlu-sunnah, but with the launch of this new website, that be no more inshallah. I ask Allah to reward the brothers for their efforts and make it an expiation for any wrong doing on their part.