The Doha Debates: Gulf Arabs Value Profit Over People: A Clash of Socialist and Conservative Thought

The recent Doha Debates is an example of how two un Islamic outcomes are pretty much at its throat.

One side is pretty much advocating a socialist brand of democratic parliamentary legislative law and the other side is maintaining to slow down the transformation process, this trnasformation being the secularization and democratorial transformation where power is shifted from the elite and into the hands of the masses.

The refutaton of the socialists efforts and its advocates who opine that the governme nts should increase the power and rights of its citizenry are as well propounding that much of the economic and political aspects of legislative rule showed be empowered by government. In other words, projects such as taking care of the poor and enhancing their life should be the express duty of the government and not the private sector. This is an inherent fallacy because a study of socialists societies when it assumes power for itself to have vested interest in providing for the masses actually strips the massess of many of the rights it seeks to have. That is the inherent fallacy of socialism some of these advocates in this forum have failed to grasp.