Historical Analaysis of Muslim Spain

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

We are pleased and proud to present a most excellent and outstanding academic study regarding the history of Andalus (Muslim Spain) titled “The Incomplete History: The Muslims of Spain Post- ه 897 /م 1492 In A Global Context And Its Relevance to Muslims Today

Keeping aside marginal grammatical errors and side notes of personal opinion, it is an overall indepth analysis of the history of Muslim spain through the centuries of its Moorish history, the Reconquista, and post Reconquista along with analysis of the island of Mindanao which has been politically suppressed and in turn has been promoted as an island of the philipines when historically King Philip and his army was never able to touch, much less conquer the island of Mindanao that todays current mainland Philipines are trying to incorperate as part of the Philipines through the theme of war and blaming the bloodshed on the Muslims of Mindanao for merely defending their own land from the foreign occupiers. The material contained should be informative at least for our readers.