Another Regurgitated Anti Islamic Website Campaign:

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

while research into the topic of islamic law throughout the blogosphere, we had encountered yet another attempt, from another delusional “expert” of Islam whose syoutube site can be accessed here

This poor individual took the time to post up over 200 videos in this regard to “expose the true teachings of Islam” and to “inform the audience of the deceptions being played throughout the media” behaving as if the media is actually in “bed” with what we Muslims hold of our own religion.

The actual website in question can be found here

However after taking brief glimpses into his site, it does appear that this person has strayed from the traditional anti-islamic polemic and went off on a tengent geared towards arabism in a way that he seems to be trying to defend arabism more so than the traditional western values that most of the antagonists tend to operate their campaign on. A lot of his kalaam is awkward and deranged allowing for an easier ability on our part to lay bare his ignorance in simple terms with very little labor on our part for research.  Allow us to site three issues demonstrating the absurdities.

He states

According to the common understanding prevalent around the world, a Muslim is one who believes in Allah and in Muhammad as his messenger.

       This understanding is totally ERRONEOUS since it is based neither on the Arabic language nor on facts.

       This deliberate falsification of history and theology, was propagated by the recently converted pagan Arabs during and after their worldwide conquests. From then on, they imposed their will upon the subject peoples and unjustifiably arrogated to themselves alone and later on, to other none Arabian converts- the term MUSLIMS.

As one can easily see, this is not even worth a reply, but as we have taken upon ourselves the task of clarifying that whihc was mistook, then we will try to see to it that some of those matters that are worthy of addressed are actually addressed by the Will of God.

here is another absurdity

It is important that the reader be made aware of the following:


       It is derived from the Arabic verb Aslama meaning to  Submit to (the will of the one and only Allah). It is the religion PAR EXCELLENCE of SUBMISSION and a follower of Islam is called a Muslim.

       Contrary to all the deliberate and mendacious claims by the current followers of Muhammad, ISLAM means  SUBMISSION only, and has nothing to do with PEACE  which is SALAM.

After several minutes of laughter we came to grips with ourselves and understood this person is extremely jaahil (ignorant) for someone who claims to be knowledgeable in Islam on the mere basis of being an arab as he claims in the youtube site under the biographical data of himself.

Another absurdity we must point out for the amusement of our readers is the following

*** Not once in the Quran can one find any connection between Abraham, Ishmael and the Arabs.

       The Quran only asserts, that Abraham and Ishmael were Muslimoon/ Muslims and as such, the FATHERS of Islam but NOT of the Arabs ***

However, we have found that this person is qadari in his belief pertaining to man and will. this is what he says about the topic

Almost all human beings are ‘indoctrinated’ by their parents, their society and their culture to grow up believing what they have been taught. No human being chooses his or her beliefs at birth. We all, Muhammadans, Moussawis (Jews), Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists,etc. are the end product of our upbringing. None of us ever chose the ideas, beliefs, doctrines and traditions that we hold since we never had any choice in the matter. None of us are ‘guilty’ of who and what we end up as, whether Muslims, Jews, Christians or otherwise.  We are all ‘victims’ of years of relentless and unremitting ‘programming’.

Therefore according to this person no one really has a free will to arrive at their own conclusion on what they wish to be or believe in or not believe in. We are all programmed from birth to be what we were programmed to be and thus victims of this “indoctrination” according to this individual yet has the nerve to claim the following about Muslims

It is also a fact that most of the people who profess the Muslim faith have little comprehension of the Quran, Hadiths or Islamic history.

We are almost certainly sure that this individual does not even possess even a shred of knowledge in the sciences of hadeeth or of the Qur’an yet has the audacity to speak of Muslims being ignorant of their own religion when we are sure that he cannot even explain the 12 grades or levels regarding hadeeth rulings. We surely question his knowledge regarding anything about the Qur’an as well as his limited historical references.