Get It Straight Islamic Experts! We Don’t Intend to Convert America to Shariah Law

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

We have witnessed throughout our efforts in research study and polemics an interesting underlying common theme being adopted by many of the antagonists of Islam particularly in the west. This underlying feeling is exemplified by the common thought that Muslims, particularly “salafist” or their known misapplied acronyms in the media like “wahhabis” “radicals” “jihadists” “Islamists”, all of these names being incorrectly administered to a group that is free of these allegations brought forth by a people who have absolutely no knowledge of their creed and methodology, are trying to establish an “Islamic state” here in America, trying to infiltrate the ranks of the American political process, or cause an insurgency within the mainland. Their reasoning is mainly expressed that we are trying to supress information, preaching hatred behind the backs of the public and then turn around and “lie” to the American public of our “clandestine activities”.

Allow us to be objective and comment that yes indeed, there are certain groups or individuals among the Muslim community who are or may have this view as their agenda throughout a variety of levels (some being more adament than others) allow us to at the same time to make crystal clear the reality of the “Salafi Call”.

Our call is to the Qur’an and the Sunnah (traditions of the prophet of Islam). It is not our intention, it has never been our intention, and it will never be our intention to try to convert not only the American government, but nay government for that matter to adopt shariah (Islamic law). This is not our dawah (propagation or call), it has never been the call of any Salafi Imaam in any masjid in any western country. We speak from three pivital facts

1. We ourselves are salafi and understand the methodological nature of our call, and working for the conversion of politics to transform into shariah is not even a talking point or issue with us

2. our dealings with actual salafis proves this reality as we have never come across no salafi who has this goal and objective in mind to fulfill. Infact this is the furthest thing from his or her mind. We have come across thousands of salfis, none of them even remotely having this agenda in mind.

3. what further solidifies this is are the salafi links that one can access on side of our blog under sunni thought and blogroll. None of those whom we affiliate have as part of their objective in even the most minescule way of trying to call or infiltrate American politics to implement shariah law or any other country to do so. If we “speak” about shariah law, then it should always be understood that our call is more on a theoretical basis and not on a practical level. We don’t call people in any country to implement shariah. If we criticize democracy, it is based on a purely theoretical aspect. We are not trying to start physical conflict and this is one of the things in which we have literally seen the errancies of various writers in various think tank sites that have this misconception. When we speak of shariah, we merely speak of how it works so that it is not misunderstood because part of the purpose of this site is to correct what was misunderstood or inaccurately relayed, so part of our task that we have taken on is to recycle all the inaccuracies whether honest or dishonest and point them out for clarification, and not that we call or have as part of our objective to enforce shariah law upon any nation.

In fact, if the reader would allow us to be quite blunt is that this goal, if being proposed to a “salafist”, would be strange and absurd to them to begin with. These are all valid proofs to the legitimacy to our claim. We are all very blunt about it. We are not calling for a theocratic state here or anywhere else in non muslim lands. We are not hiding this as well. Nor are we presenting this as a deceptive means of exhoneration. We are blatently serious. This is why we do not agree with the methodological stances of different political groups. We are free of them and they are free from us.

Methodological aspects to this phenomenon

While it is aknowledged that Islam, being that it covers all spheres of life, includes the fact that it affects politics as well. However the salafi dawah is a dawah that is constricted upon a methodology. Some of the methodologies of this issue are the following

1. It is obligatory that for the most part, a Muslim is to obey the laws of the land including the land that is not under shariah law or a land that is not muslim land.  Thus according to our own salafi view, a muslim who does not abide by the laws of a land in which they reside, are sinful according to Islam.

2. There is a hadith that is reported by the prophet wife Aisha that records the Divine methodology of religion and law. This hadith states in wording that

“Allah had revealed emaan (faith) first before he revealed the law, Had Allah revealed the law first, then we would not have obeyed”

So what is the methodology of this naration? It is that the only reason why law is submitted to is because people put forth their submission to it because they believe in it. If people do not believe in it, then they will not follow it.

It also indicates another reality. Faith and belief by necessity must precede physical law. It is based on this methodology that the salafis have understood that our only main goal is to live our lives in an Islamic manner and to tell others about our faith, an telling others about our faith is allowable in American society and in most societies. This is the main crux of a salafi life. Thy do not get into political matters other than something as minor as stating their viewpoint. They don’t try to cause harm with any system of government in their own respective countries and they are surely not of the objective of trying to convert their own countries to practice shariah law.

Just because a salafi may happen to be calling to implement shariah, this usually and only takes affect in their own countries where they are from whcih is acceptable as he has more right to do that than any foreigner. It does not seem right or acceptable that foreign countries ought to dictate Muslims in their own country that they cannot implement shariah in their own countries. Therefore if a salafi is found to speak about shariah as an encouragement to implement it, this is usually confined to Muslim countries and is not to be construed with other countries as the climte of differnt regions and countries vary and this effectively shows the broad and expansive outlines of jurisprudence in Islam.

We hope this serves as a clarification of this topic since we udnerstand that salafis, inherently are not politically inclined to get involved in this mater, we have tried to clarify in the best words possible on behalf of salafis that this is not our position and aim. Our main objectives are divided into two

1. propagation to non muslims. telling them about Islam, clarifying Islam, and either defending Islam from any distortions brought forth by them. Basically the main gist of this call is to increase Islamic awareness and this is pretty much it.

2. propagation to Muslims and this is from two broad aspects which has many sub topics in it. It is to make tasfiyyah which is to purify the Islamic teachings from reprehensible innovations and practices that have infiltrated Islam so as to increase Islamic awareness and to make that which is Islamic clear and that which is not Islamic clear. Then after this is to cultivate ouselves on true Islamic principles, beliefs, and practices.

This is the pretty much the essence of the salafi call, it is not to enforce shariah law on people in non Muslim countries and we free ourselves from those who have this as part of their goal. We view that if the people wish to do so, then that is this business.