Wafa Sultan al-Kathaab, the Liar, Exposed: Either Wanting Riches and Fame or Insane

Check this out, A wonderful critique of her contradictory situation. This Whatever his nature, he has provided as most astounding intellectual strike against the sophistry of Wafa Sultan, the demagogue. The methodology of his critique is centered around 3 factors
1. highligting the hypocrisy and contradictions of her views
2. explaining to her the real ethics of being a secularist and not singling out Islam from all else
3. presenting to her what her logical conclusions should be based on the evidently proven arguments he brought
4. Presents that the only reasons of her mission could only be
A. to get rich and famous
B. in need of psychiatric care
5. presents as message to her dishonest cohorts that they have been scammed into her views and presents a message for them

I sincerily advise all to listen to these 5, particularly the forth video as he clearly sends down a blazing meteor to her and her supporters.

One more Fact. Let this be a refutation of the Arch Liar Brigette Gabriel whose campagin is virtually synonymous with Wafa Sultan. The basis of her campaign is built upon a lie and markets it under the historical pretext of her childhood, as if that is a condition for this field of polemics.

part 1

part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5