The Four Syndromes that Result in Western Ignorance

It is truly against my constitution to rule out America from the rest of the “first world” countries but there is a special trait found in Americans that is not found in other countries in Europe and elsewhere, at least not on a wide scale and density as is found in the land of the free.

American Ignorance

This is a trait that is fueled by different factors some of which are extreme in nature

1.       Journalistic malpractice

2.       Nationalist tendencies

3.       Idealism

4.       Corruption of history


As for journalistic malpractice, this seems to be the seed that blossoms into the ignorance among liberals. The remaining three seeds of such ignorance seem to find its abode within the conservative base. I will continue on referring to these unfortunate factors as syndromes that make up the complexity of western ignorance and in particular American ignorance.

The American ignorance that we are referring to is every single current event that takes place outside of the homeland. For us Muslims, we understand the epitome of actual intellectual reason and discussion can never be attained in dealing with most Americans as their entire world view is brought within the filter of these four syndromes. As for the later three syndromes, they are the result of the hegemonic ideology America has adopted for the last 80 years. And this has been commented elsewhere in this work.

Here is a glaring example of a corruption of history as purported by an extremist fundamentalist American. Below, I will give an example of three of these destructive syndromes he and a majority of Americans suffer as well.

The idealistic syndrome was voiced in his words

The secular environments in academia and the workplace of the West, which have facilitated the astonishing achievements we’ve made in the sciences, technology, economics, medicine, the arts, and beyond are also absent in the moslem world.


When it was clarified to him that his narrow view blocked out a great portion of actual reality with the following

Such things are somewhat absent in the modern Muslim world. Any doctor worth their education knows how much the Muslims – along with other eastern peoples – contributed to what became modern medicine. The current global order has very little to do with what is and what is not antithetical to Islam, China or Latin America, and everything to do with the balance of power that the West has enjoyed for the past 80 years. Perhaps the only thing that is perhaps absent in the Muslim world is the freedom from government tyranny and control that previous generations of people enjoyed that enabled the institutions and advances to exist that you apparently are not even aware of.

Then as a result of his being infected with the journalistic malpractice syndrome along with the nationalist syndrome he responds with more distortions and realities that have never taken place and here is the following claims below

“Somewhat absent in the modern Muslim world”? Let’s be honest, they’re fossilized.


 I understand you’re hoping to play the “moslem golden age” card but there are a host of flaws in doing so. Let’s understand that islam was flush with the plunder of recent conquest which artificially accounted for the so-called “advancements” that moslems claim. Once the rapid expansion into newly conquered territories ended and moslems had to depend on being productive and innovative themselves, they discovered that they were not up to the task.

You forget that the Islamic Empire collapsed from the inside.

So what happened?

Al-Ghazali published his book, “The Incoherence of the Philosophers.” That’s what happened. And Islam imploded as it abandoned rationalism, science and free inquiry. Its not just that the Europeans progressed faster than Islam. It’s also that Islam did not progress at all.


There are a number of issues that need to be mentioned to dissect and set the record straight from the complete and compounded ignorance that this individual has emitted from his scathing disease.

1.       He uses a modern day statistic of illiteracy of the Arab world to justify this state of affairs on Islam itself while completely uprooting the basis for how the Arab world got into the position in the first place i.e. the dismantling of the Islamic caliphate and the incorporation of secular states whose central authorities are despots in the sake of secularism.

2.       The claim of playing the “golden age” card as if there is such thing as a golden age card. Facts are facts and are understood in light of real time events. What are these events

3.       That whatever geographical advancement that were made by Muslims, as historians have already attested to have no link with the intellectual scientific movement within Islam.  Of course reason and logic and simple history are something that cannot be employed in dealing with such extremists.

4.       That reality attests to the fact that the statement “artificial advancement” that Muslims “claimed” does not hold congruency to reality. It is one thing for John Doe to claim the intellectual success of Einstein and another to affirm the success of Einstein was an “American” success. Muslim do not claim the success of others, it is they who were the successful. I do not need to add another hundred pages of material to irrefutably back this claim.

5.       The claim that the Muslims were not up for the task of being scientific themselves is more than a bold face lie, it is outright satanic. But again this level of ineptitude shows nothing more about the harmful effects of all of the syndromes above and the menace that it plays upon society at large and the extent of this American ignorance.

6.       The Islamic empire collapsed from the inside because the interest of foreign powers embedded on the destruction of Islam and had a hand in the political maneuvering and engineering with key fringe individuals. This of course is witnessed upon analyzing the events that had taken place in Turkey

7.       Let me further demonstrate the complete and absolute ignorance of this individual and the millions of dangerously ignorant Americans upon his misguided and heretical historical teachings. He first comments on the fall of the Islamic empire (which the first phase took place in the mid 1800s and finalized in the 1920s) and then says “so what happened” and then follows that up with a book written by a philosophizing Islamic scholar of the fourth Islamic century or 10th century of the current era which in other words was written nearly 8 centuries before. He used this book, the contents of which he knows nothing about, and then summarized from the book’s title that “Islam imploded as it abandoned rationalism, science, and free inquiry”, three topics of which the very book itself never addressed and who’s author was the world renown leader of the “rationalist movement” as declared by the majority of intellectual scholars in the world of that time.

So as one can see, reason and logic is not a ground that can be attainable with such people for we are left to either

A.      Keep quite or

B.      To be extremely rude about it

As for the choice of labeling this phenomenon as American ignorance, it was not meant to be in the form of mockery concerning its people, rather the purpose of this work is to address, and therefore attack, the engine which fuels this ignorance from its core. While this can also be applied to all western oriented nations, the level of these intellectual syndromes among these other nations from our experience do not tend to reach the levels and depth of how it has affected America.

To further solidify the actuality of this phenomenon in this article we must quote one of the most profound explanation from the theorists Samuel Huntingdon from his book “Clash of Civilizations”, which whose words deserves to be written and gold as he nailed the essence of this phenomenon straight hom when he said

“The West won the world not by the superioty of its ideas or values or religion (to which few members of other civilizations were converted too) but rather by its superiority of applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non westerners never do”

We have two points to ellucidate on this profound statement.

1. This reality is a refutation of the extremist view of the idealist, who often find no problem in endoctrinating their minds and oppressing their children with this desctructive misnomer that the rest of the world concedes to their awkward world view and that those who oppose their theories of life and how they view their freedom and democracy contrarily to theirs are radicals and “islamofascists”. This is an ultimate deconstruction of neo-conservatism, whose main ideologue (demoguague) being Rush Limbaugh, opines to the view that Americanism is the source and solution for all problems of the world and that we (America) are superior because of our ideas and values of freedom and true democratic democracy.

2. This statement also shines light to another seed that breeds a fundamental problem of this ignorance. While the west may be of those who “often forget” of this historical realities, for AMericans in particular, it is far more grave than mere forgetfullness. It is an outright desensetization of the events through the filterization of the media. It is a complete alterization of history and the bankrupt analyitical deductions of its press that fuels this ignorance that is beyond forgetfullness. In other words, it is not that AMericans are in a state of forgetfullness, it is that they have been endoctrinated in how world events is portrayed through the deception of words which has been highlighted here Antagonist Onslought Against Islam I:Manipulation of Words.

It is this counter portrayal of reality that sparks the formation of public opinion that its political elite have enjoyed for the last half century i.e. to manipulate its public opinion for its own vested interest. This situation denotes how the American media has been, for the last half century, failed its own citizens with the rue portrayal of events commonly refered to as being “fair and balanced” that continues to operate and dominate the media hype of vested interest of the elite. For more on the intellectual bankrupcy of the AMerican media one can refer to this page Current Events and scroll down to the video section where it is titled “Western Media vs al-Jazeerah”