Islamic Law and Human Rights

 Human rights is one of the greatest issues of the current modern day world for a myriad of reasons, so much so, that many nations charge other nations, who as well do their utmost to not violate human rights, are being accused of violating these human rights of a certain group within their respective jurisdiction and territory.
The logic that is established by the “human rights” community while it indeed has been established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, at the same time there is no backed concrete theoretical foundation upon how these rights have been established. The matter that the human rights community has failed to see is that rights, in the minds of various peoples and lands, differ and is therefore relative. For example, there are a certain segment of the western community who calls for the legalization of walking around naked and that people are being obstructed by their “human right” to do such a feat. This is their reasoning and logic. However the average American does not view that by the illegalization of walking around naked is not an infringement of their rights as some groups have proclaimed.
And this is the point that we are making. The Western world is pursuing the idea that the Muslim women of Islamic countries are being oppressed of their rights when in actuality these same women of which these western analyst are speaking on their behalf do not feel what these analyst are claiming about them. Muslim women do not feel oppressed by anything that Islam mandates. However, if something that is not mandated in Islam, like the female genital mutilation, then that is another issue altogether. And is something that we as Muslims do not defend. However, when an issue is purely established in Islam, women in Muslim lands do not view that their rights have been stripped from them as
Listed below is a report provided for by Dr. Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee who has done an excellent job in this subject at hand