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We here at al-Mustaqeem Publications are on a campaign to disseminate proper Islamic knowledge and material according to the thoughts and methodology of the classical orthodox Sunni scholars of Islam who traversed upon the way of the righteous predecessors of the first three generations of the Muslim Nation.

Our efforts in this campaign is to ensure proper Islamic knowledge is distributed to both Muslims and non Muslims and to increase Islamic awareness among both parties while recycling misnomers or any other distortions that have been alleged in the name of Islam from various groups, political factions, think tanks, and any other organization that seeks as its endeavor to present Islam in a light other than the way it is to be understood.

Please understand that we at al-Mustaqeem Publications are the alternative media. We are in direct contrast to every other viewpoint that is plastered within much of the media outlets. We seek as part of our endeavor in furthering the cause and advancement of disseminating correct Islamic knowledge and issues thus causing us to be an alternative source for the overwhelming ideological attack that the Muslim nation faces from those of the non Muslim world, and those within the Muslim nation. If content concerning a particular issue seems to be one sided, it should be understood that our information as a whole acts as a counterbalance to the already existing conventional wisdom that has and continues to be a contaminant in the overall reporting of events and issues common in most of the western world.

To preserve the purity of content within each article, we have formed a separate page for comments for anyone interested to comment on a topic. Please refer to the Comments page and adhere to the stipulations therein.

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